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This article is about the in-game currency in Minecraft Earth. For the game that became Minecraft, see RubyDung.
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Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.
Existed In Game

Minecraft Earth

A ruby block displayed at the ruby shop.

The ruby was the unit of currency used in Minecraft Earth.


Rubies were used to purchase buildplates, boosts, mobs of me, and to speed up crafting and smelting tasks. Rubies used to be purchasable from the store in the following amounts:

  • Stack of Rubies (40 rubies) for $1.99.
  • Ruby Block (105 rubies) for $4.99.
  • Chest of Rubies (220 rubies) for $9.99.
  • Cart of Rubies (450 rubies) for $19.99.
  • Trove of Rubies (950 rubies) for $39.99.
  • Mine of Rubies (2000 rubies) for $79.99.

These were only offered if a player didn’t have enough rubies to purchase an item.


Before 0.33.0, players were able to purchase rubies in the in-game shop, in amounts of 40 and higher, with discounts for larger purchases.

Rubies were also obtainable in two other ways: