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Pale Pig
Pale Pig.png
Health points




Hitbox size

Height: 0.9 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks

What this little piggy lacks in pigment, it more than makes up for in cuteness.

Player Journal Description

The Pale Pig is a passive mob that serves as a pale variant of the pig found in Minecraft Earth.


Pale pigs are a pale variant of the normal pig. They possess a very light pink skin color covering most of their body, reaching an almost white hue on the upper body and on the legs.


Pale pigs are an uncommon rarity found in pig tappables with a 5.5% chance to get one. They can also be obtained from the Season 6 prize map.


Main article: Pig § Behavior

Like the average pig, pale pigs have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, dodging lava and cliffs.


When killed, the pale pigs can drop:

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID
Pale Pig?5022


Minecraft Earth
0.17.0Pale Pig.png Added pale pigs.



  • Pale pigs somewhat resemble the Chester White, which is a pale breed of pigs.
  • One of the quests to get it in Season 6 was to place a pale pig on a buildplate.
  • The biome category of the journal reveals that pale pigs spawn in snowy tundras.