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For mobs in original games of Minecraft Earth, see Mob.
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Some of the many removed and unused mobs from Minecraft Earth.

Mobs are "living", moving game entities. There are several mobs exclusively found in Minecraft Earth that are not present in the base game.

List of mobs[]

Passive mobs[]

DriedMuddyPigFace.png MottledPigFace.png MuddyPigFace.png PalePigFace.png PiebaldPigFace.png PigFace.png PinkFootedPigFace.png SootyPigFace.png SpottedPigFace.png
Dried Muddy Pig Mottled Pig Muddy Pig Pale Pig Piebald Pig Pig Pink Footed Pig Sooty Pig Spotted Pig
FleckedSheepFace.png FuzzySheepFace.png InkySheepFace.png LongNoseSheepFace.png PatchedSheepFace.png RainbowSheepFace.png RockySheepFace.png SheepFace.png
Flecked Sheep Fuzzy Sheep Inky Sheep Long Nose Sheep Patched Sheep Rainbow Sheep Rocky Sheep White Sheep
AlbinoCowFace.png AshenCowFace.png CookieCowFace.png CowFace.png CreamCowFace.png DairyCowFace.png MoobloomFace.png MoolipFace.png PintoCowFace.png SunsetCowFace.png UmbraCowFace.png WoolyCowFace.png
Albino Cow Ashen Cow Cookie Cow Cow Cream Cow Dairy Cow Moobloom Moolip Pinto Cow Sunset Cow Umbra Cow Wooly Cow
AmberChickenFace.png BronzedChickenFace.png ChickenFace.png CluckshroomFace.png FancyChickenFace.png GoldCrestedChickenFace.png MidnightChickenFace.png SkewbaldChickenFace.png StormyChickenFace.png
Amber Chicken Bronzed Chicken Chicken Cluckshroom Fancy Chicken Gold Crested Chicken Midnight Chicken Skewbald Chicken Stormy Chicken
BoldStripedRabbitFace.png DesertRabbitFace.png FreckledRabbitFace.png HarelequinRabbitFace.png JumboRabbitFace.png MuddyFootRabbitFace.png VestedRabbitFace.png
Bold Striped Rabbit Desert Rabbit Freckled Rabbit Harelequin Rabbit Jumbo Rabbit Muddy Foot Rabbit Vested Rabbit
GlowSquidFace.gif JollyLlamaFace.png MobofMeFace.png OcelotFace.png ParrotFace.png SalmonBody.png SquidFace.png TropicalFishBody.png
Glow Squid Jolly Llama Mob of Me Ocelot Parrot Salmon Squid Tropical Fish
Official mascots
MerlFace.png PurpleCatFace.png
Merl Peanut Butter

Neutral mobs[]

FurnaceGolemFace.png HornedSheepFace.png MelonGolemFace.png PolarBearFace.png SpiderFace.png TropicalSlimeFace.png
Furnace Golem Horned Sheep Melon Golem Polar Bear Spider Tropical Slime

Hostile mobs[]

BoneSpiderFace.png BoulderingZombieFace.png CreeperFace.png LobberZombieFace.png SkeletonFace.png
Bone Spider Bouldering Zombie Creeper Lobber Zombie Skeleton
SkeletonWolfFace.png SlimeFace.png VilerWitchFace.png WitchFace.png ZombieFace.png
Skeleton Wolf Slime Viler Witch Witch Zombie

Unused mobs[]

Exclusive unused mobs
MuddyPigFace.png PurpleCatFace.png HyperRabbitFace.png MagmaCowFace.png MossySheepFace.png PinkMoobloomFace.png TeacupPigFace.png ZombieRabbitFace.png
Baby Muddy Pig Dyed Cat Hyper Rabbit Magma Cow Mossy Sheep Pink Moobloom Teacup Pig Zombie Rabbit
Vanilla unused mobs
BatFace.png ArmorerFace.png CatFace.png ChickenJockeyFace.png CodBody.png Dolphin DonkeyFace.png Drowned ElderGuardianFace.png EndermanFace.png
Bat Blacksmith Cat Chicken Jockey Cod Dolphin Donkey Drowned Elder Guardian Enderman
FoxFace.png GhastFace.png HorseFace.png IronGolemFace.png LlamaFace.png PandaFace.png PufferfishFace.png TurtleFace.png VillagerFace.png WolfFace.png
Fox Ghast Horse Iron Golem Llama Panda Pufferfish Turtle Villager Wolf

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