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Jumbo Rabbit
Jumbo Rabbit.png
Health points




Hitbox size

Height: 1.2 Blocks (excluding ears)
Width: 0.7 Blocks

Who knew rabbits could be so big?

Player Journal description

Who knew rabbits could be so big?
Player Journal description

The Jumbo Rabbit is a larger and a brown-colored variant of the rabbit found in Minecraft Earth


The Jumbo Rabbit is a large and dark brown variant of the normal, smaller rabbit. As its name implies, it is larger than the average rabbit, with it almost being the size of the Mob of Me, its ears are longer and different in shape. Its whole body is darkish brown in color, with a light-brown underbelly, with light-brown front paws. Its hind legs are relatively larger than its front legs, and its feet and legs end in very dark brown fur.


The Jumbo Rabbit is of uncommon rarity, and can be obtained as a reward in Rare Adventures. Jumbo rabbits can also be found in grass and pond tappables, with it being harder to obtain in grass tappables with a 1.7% chance of obtaining it. It can also be obtained by purchasing "The Warren" buildplate.


Main article: Rabbit § Behavior

Jumbo rabbits have the same AI behavior as normal rabbits. They wander aimlessly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage. Attacking a rabbit without killing it causes it to flee, and other nearby rabbits also flee.


When killed, the Jumbo Rabbit can drop:

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID
Jumbo Rabbit?5004


Minecraft Earth
0.4.0Jumbo Rabbit.png Added jumbo rabbits.


  • The biome category of the journal reveals that jumbo rabbits spawn in the desert.
  • Jumbo rabbits were previously harder to obtain in pond tappables, and are currently harder to obtain in grass tappables.