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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft Earth. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
Jolly Llama
Jolly Llama.png
Health points

15♥ × 7.5



Hitbox size

Height: 1.87 blocks (excluding horns)
Width: 0.9 blocks

The jolly llama is a very festive animal only seen during the holidays. It loves to seek out and eat ferns that fill it with joy, causing it to jump around the environment jingling its bells. Jingle Jangle.

Player Journal description

The jolly llama was a passive mob that served as a Christmas-themed variant of the llama found only in Minecraft Earth.


Jolly llamas were a festive variant of the llama. Unlike the normal llama, they possessed a unique coat color pattern being all brown and having a large white patch on its neck and chin. Their nose was a snowy white and they also possessed small gray spots on the tips of its ears. On its head was a green headdress with two antlers, on its neck was a collar filled with small gold bells, and on its back was a green carpet with a unique pattern and red accents on its edges. It lastly possessed grey hooves.


The jolly llama was obtainable by scanning specific QR codes in various parks around the world or by completing a seasonal challenge when available. It was also obtainable by purchasing the "Ranger's Nest" and "Jolly's Lodge" buildplate. Tapables during the holidays or the last challenge season also had a small chance of containing a jolly llama.


Main article: Llama § Behavior

Jolly llamas looked for ferns and large ferns and ate them. After eating them, they started prancing around and made a jingling noise when they hopped.

Data values[]


NameResource locationNumeric ID
Jolly Llama?5007


Minecraft Earth
0.6.0Jolly Llama.png Added jolly llamas.
0.9.0Jolly llamas can now eat ferns covered in snow.
0.32.0The Jolly Llama is now obtainable from tappables, making it obtainable again.



  • Unlike a normal llama, the texture of the width of the carpet layer and the height of the nose layer of Jolly llamas were one pixel larger.
  • The challenge to get the Jolly Llama in Season 6 was to “Collect a Rare Adventure Chest."
  • The Jolly Llama, along with the Bone Spider were previously the only mobs in Minecraft Earth that weren't obtainable in any type of tappables, however the Jolly Llama was obtainable from tappables during winter of 2019, though it was longer available in that manner.
    • However, in the Christmas season of 2020, the Jolly Llama was made obtainable from tappables again for a limited time.
  • The biome category of the journal revealed that jolly llamas spawned in snowy tundras.