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The Minecraft Earth inventory holds unlimited stacks of items and mobs.

The inventory in Minecraft Earth maintains all of the player's items that the player has crafted or collected from adventures and tappables.


Unlike regular Minecraft, in Minecraft Earth the inventory is effectively unlimited, both in inventory slots and the stack size of items or blocks. When a stack of items exceeds 999 in quantity, it is displayed in multiples of 1000; for example, 1,273 items would display as "1.3K".

There is no inventory crafting grid, so it is not possible to repair damaged items by combining them. The inventory also has no armor slots.

Mobs can be collected in the inventory, and achievements are earned for collecting them. On rare occasions, a tappable drops a hostile mob that can be collected and placed on a build plate.

Inventory management[edit]

Unlike regular Minecraft, identical tools stack in the inventory. Any tool that has been used so that its durability is reduced, are removed from the stack. Empty buckets stack also, but filling one with water, mud, or lava causes that bucket to move to another stack corresponding to the bucket type.

Stacks cannot be split, except for stacks of tools split up due to tool usage. A partial stack of blocks cannot be moved from the main inventory to the hotbar; the whole stack must be moved. If a player has, for example, 37 cooked chickens in the inventory and wants to bring chickens on an adventure, then all 37 cooked chickens must be moved to the hotbar, risking the loss of the whole stack if the player dies during the adventure.


Minecraft Earth actually has two inventories; the main inventory and a "backpack" inventory that is used during adventures.

During an adventure, the main inventory is inaccessible. The player may move items from the inventory into the hotbar at any time outside of an adventure and is given the opportunity to do so just before the adventure begins. During an adventure, opening the inventory shows only the backpack inventory, which contains only those items collected during the adventure along with the contents of the hotbar.

Collecting items fills empty slots in the hotbar first. If the hotbar is full, subsequent collected items fill the backpack inventory.

If the player completes the adventure without dying (either because the adventure duration expires, or the player exits manually), all items in the backpack are transferred to the main inventory. Items that collected in empty slots in the hotbar remain in the hotbar, and can be transferred manually to the main inventory as the player desires.

If the player is killed during an adventure, the player's main inventory is retained. Only items in the hotbar and backpack are lost.