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Dyed Cat
Dyed Cat.png
Health points




Hitbox size

Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.6 Blocks

A Dyed Cat is a variant of a cat with dyed purple fur found only in Minecraft Earth.

Dyed cats were never added in the game, though one with the name Peanut Butter usually appears with Merl and in promotional material. The name was announced with the Series 19 mini figures. It also appeared as a mini-figure in a LEGO Minecraft set called The First Adventure.


Dyed cats are a dyed variant of the cat. Unlike the normal cat, they possess a unique coat pattern where they possess gunmetal grey fur and paws and a light greyish underbelly. They are seen with the signature purple splotch of dye that covers part of its head and front body and is seen to be dripping off the side. They possess purple eyes and nose, and a white muzzle.


  • On the “dev-answers-2-5” channel on the Minecraft Earth Discord server, when asked about the dyed cat in the profile image, it was revealed that the dyed cat’s name has the initials of PB.
    • It is also revealed by Ledski, one of the Minecraft Earth devs, that the Dyed Cat, PB, is actually just a grey cat with dyed fur and its purple dye is actually purple goo.


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