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For the similar mechanic in Java Edition, see Advancement. For the similar mechanic in Bedrock Edition, see Achievement.
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Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.

The challenges menu icon.

Challenges were tasks given to the player in Minecraft Earth, for the purpose of guiding the player into features of the game while earning experience at the same time. Challenges were analogous to achievements in Bedrock Edition or advancements in Java Edition.

Weekly and career challenges were replaced by seasonal challenges.

Challenge types[]

There were three kinds of challenges offered in the game:

  • Daily challenges
  • Career challenges
  • Tappable challenges

Each challenge involved individual tasks, each of which earned experience. Completion of a challenge earned the player additional experience points and rubies, used as in-game currency for buying enhancements.

The player got credit for all tasks that existed simultaneously in daily, weekly, and career challenges. For example, if a daily challenge had a task to collect 2 wood blocks, and the current career challenge had a task to collect 3 wood blocks, then collecting 2 wood blocks applied to both tasks.

Daily and weekly challenges[]

Daily and weekly challenges consisted mostly of tasks that encouraged real-world exploration to collect items from tappables, and placing a number of specific kinds of blocks on a buildplate. New challenges appeared each day or each week, respectively.

There were also special daily and weekly challenges for completing all of the other daily and weekly challenges, with a corresponding award in experience and rubies, but this was later changed so the player only got three daily challenges.

Challenge name Goal XP
ADVENTURER! Play 1 adventure 50
BAAAAAAAA Collect 1 sheep 30
BEST DEFENSE Defeat 1 hostile mob in an adventure 40
BREAK AND PLAY Use 1 adventure crystal 50
CHEAP FUEL Smelt 5 objects using charcoal 60
MORE FUEL! Make 4 charcoal 75
NEW ADVENTURE Collect 1 adventure crystal 50
STONE BREAKER Craft 1 stone pickaxe 50
PETTING ZOO Collect 5 common mobs 75
TASTES LIKE CHICKEN Cook 1 chicken 40
WOOD GATHERER Collect 5 wood in an adventure 50

Career challenges[]

Career challenges focused on gathering items for crafting tools that were useful in adventures.

Career challenges were only able to completed in the order in which they appeared to the player. The player got no benefit from, for example, collecting materials to craft a stone pickaxe until that specific challenge appeared at the top of the list of remaining career challenges.

Each challenge consisted of individual tasks that were required to be completed. Different challenges contained the same task (such as "Craft 4 Wooden Planks") but completing that task applied only to the active career challenge, not to future challenges.

Challenge name Goal Tasks
LEVEL UP Reach Level 3
  • TAP TAP – Collect 10 Tappables from the Map
  • LEVEL UP! – Collect Tappables until you reach level 3
THE BASICS: PLANKS Collect Wood and craft Wooden Planks
  • FIND WOOD – Collect 10 Wood from Tappables
  • CRAFT PLANKS − Craft 40 Wooden Planks
THE BASICS: DOORS Collect Wood and craft Oak Doors
  • FIND WOOD – Collect 2 Wood from Tappables
  • CRAFT PLANKS – Craft 2 Wood into 8 Oak Planks
  • KNOCK KNOCK – Craft 3 Oak Doors
THE BASICS: TORCHES Collect materials and craft 4 Torches
  • FIND WOOD – Collect 2 Wood
  • MAKE STICKS – Craft 4 Sticks
  • FINDING FUEL – Collect 4 Coal
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT – Craft 6 Torches
THE BASICS: GLASS Collect materials and craft Glass
  • GRANULATED GLASS – Collect 4 Sand
  • FINDING FUEL – Collect 4 Coal
  • MELTED GLASS – Smelt 4 Glass
THE BASICS: STAIRS Collect materials and craft Stairs
  • FIND COBBLESTONE – Collect 6 Cobblestone
  • STEP BY STEP – Craft 4 Cobblestone Stairs
THE BASICS: TOOLS Find materials to craft basic tools
  • FIND WOOD – Collect 9 Wood
  • MAKE PLANKS – Craft 12 Oak Planks
  • MAKE STICKS – Craft 12 Wooden Sticks
  • CHIP CHIP – Craft a Wooden Pickaxe
  • SUPER STICK! – Craft a Wooden Sword
  • CHOP CHOP – Craft a Wooden Axe
  • DIG DIG – Craft a Wooden Shovel
TOOLS: STONE PICKAXE Find materials to craft a Stone Pickaxe
  • FIND COBBLESTONE – Collect 3 Stone
  • MAKE PLANKS – Craft 4 Wooden Planks
  • MAKE STICKS – Craft 4 Sticks
  • HARD AS A ROCK – Craft a Stone Pickaxe
TOOLS: STONE SWORD Find materials to craft a Stone Sword
  • FIND COBBLESTONE – Collect 2 Stone
  • MAKE PLANKS – Craft 4 Wooden Planks
  • MAKE STICKS – Craft 4 Sticks
  • SWORD IN THE STONE – Craft a Stone Sword
THE GOOD STUFF Find materials to Smelt Iron Ingots
  • FINDING IRON – Collect 3 Iron Ore from Adventures
  • FINDING FUEL – Collect 2 Coal
  • IRON BARS – Smelt 2 Iron Ingots

Tappable challenges[]

Upon collecting a tappable, a tappable challenge was given. This kind had their own challenges, as well as rarity ratings.

Challenge name Goal XP Rarity
A RARE SIGHT Collect 1 rare mob 80 Rare
ADVENTURE CRUSHER Defeat 10 hostile mobs in adventures 30 Common
ARCHEOLOGIST Collect 5 bones from adventures 30 Common
ARROW FLIGHTS Collect 10 feathers 50 Uncommon
BADLANDS BEST Smelt 20 terracotta 90 Rare
BLASK FUEL Collect 5 coal from an adventure 25 Common
BLUE CRYSTALS Collect 3 rare adventure crystals 150 Rare
BONES TO DUST Defeat 40 skeletons 200 Rare
BOTANIST Plant 10 flowers 25 Common
BUILDING A FARM Place 5 mobs on buildplates 50 Common
BUILDING BLOCKS Smelt 25 stone 30 Common
CARROT FARMER Grow and harvest 10 carrots 75 Rare
CARVE IT SCARY Grow and harvest 10 pumpkins 75 Rare
CHOP CHOP Collect 10 Tree Tappables ??? Uncommon
CHOPPING STICK Craft 1 wooden axe 25 Common
CLUCK! Collect 5 chickens 25 Common
COASTER STARTER Place 5 rails on a buildplate 40 Uncommon
COLOR ME UP Craft 10 dyes 50 Uncommon
COOKING GREEN Smelt 1 green dye 25 Uncommon
CRAWLING DOOM Defeat 5 zombies in adventures 25 Common
DEEP PLATES Craft 3 wooden bowls 30 Uncommon
DOG TOY Craft 10 Sticks ??? Common
DIG FOR RICHES Craft 1 diamond shovel 100 Rare
DIGGER STICK Craft 1 Wooden Shovel 25 Common
FARMER DRAMA Plant 5 crops on a buildplate 40 Common
FLOWER POWER Collect 10 flowers from adventures 30 Common
FOR THE PIGLINS Smelt 5 gold ore into ingots 75 Rare
GARDENING STICK Craft 1 Wooden Hoe ??? Common
GHILLE SUIT Collect 10 leaves 25 Common
GIMME THE GOODIES Collect 3 adventure chests 30 Common
GOLD DIGGER Craft 1 golden shovel 100 Rare
GRASSY PLAINS Collect 10 grass tappables 50 Uncommon
HEALER Restore your health 2 times in adventures 25 Common
HEALER Restore your health 6 times in adventures 75 Rare
HIGHER GROUND Craft 5 stairs 25 Common
HOT POTATO Cook 5 baked potatoes 75 Rare
HOUSE OF STICKS Place 25 planks on buildplates 25 Common
I'M SMELTING Smelt 25 items 30 Common
JEWELLED AXE Craft 1 diamond axe 100 Rare
LETS ADVENTURE Activate 10 adventure crystals 200 Rare
LIFE SAVER Cook 5 pork chops 25 Common
LOOT HOARDER Collect 5 uncommon adventure chests 100 Uncommon
MAKING PATTERNS Place 40 glazed terracotta on a build plate 250 Rare
MOO BLOOM Collect 10 buttercups 100 Rare
MUD CONNOISSEUR Collect 1 Muddy Pig 200[verify] Epic
NO PHANTOMS Craft 1 bed 30 Uncommon
NOT SO SCARY Defeat 5 Bone Spiders in an adventure ??? Rare
OINK! Collect 5 Pigs 25 Common
PINKY STONE Collect 10 granite from adventures 25 Common
PRETTIEST STONE Smelt 20 glazed terracotta 200 Rare
RAILROAD Collect 5 rails 50 Rare
RAW SUPPLIES Collect 10 wood from and adventure 25 Common
RICH RABBIT Craft 1 golden carrot 100 Rare
SCREAMS FROM THE DARK Kill 10 Bone Spiders in an Adventure 400 Epic
SOLID BONE Craft 1 bone block 75 Rare
SPARK STONE Collect 10 flint 50 Uncommon
SPARKY STONE Collect 10 Flint from Adventures ??? Common
SPIDER SANCTUARY Collect 5 oak trees 30 Uncommon
START A ZOO Place 15 mobs on a buildplate 150 Uncommon
STICK FACTORY Collect 5 Birch Tree Tappables ??? Uncommon
STICKIER BOOK Collect 5 new items for the journal ??? Uncommon
STICKY BOOK Collect 1 new item for the journal ??? Common
STICKY STUFF Collect 5 spider webs 50 Uncommon
STONE GARDENER Craft 1 stone hoe 50 Uncommon
SUPER STICKY BOOK Collect 10 new items for the journal 150 Rare
SWITCH IT UP Place and use 1 lever on a buildplate 50 Uncommon
TEACHER'S PET Collect 10 apples 25 Common
THE GOOD STUFF Smelt 10 iron ore into ingots 75 Rare
THE SQUIRE Complete 15 adventures 350 Uncommon
TICKLE TIME Collect 5 feathers from adventures 25 Common
TICKLE TIME Collect 10 Feathers from Adventures ??? Uncommon
TOUGH ATTACK Craft 1 iron sword 75 Rare
TOUGH GARDENING Craft 1 iron hoe 75 Rare
TRACK STAR Craft 16 rails 75 Rare
TREASURE TIME Collect 3 chests 25 Common
TREASURE TROVE Collect 5 tappable chests 50 Uncommon
WEALTHY WARRIOR Craft 1 Diamond Sword ??? ???
ZOOKEEPER Collect 25 mobs 150 Rare