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Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.

The Buildplates icon.

A buildplate was an area in Minecraft Earth in which the player was able to build structures. It was the creative mode component of the game, although it also offered a survival mode.


A new player had an 8×8 buildplate available by default. The player selected a surface in the real world on which to place the buildplate, and once placed, the player saw the buildplate superimposed on the real-world camera view. An open space and a flat surface were required for buildplates to be placed. Players were also able to interact with the items or mobs in their buildplate. The player was able to physically move around the buildplate to view it from different angles and to build structures.

As the player advanced in level, new buildplates became available at different sizes, up to 32×32. A unique new buildplate was unlocked upon reaching levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.

The player was also able to spend rubies to purchase buildplates in the store. The following buildplates were available for purchase:

  • Witch's Mansion
  • Midnight bayou
  • A Bit Fancy
  • Colourful Cottage
  • Tiny Waterfall Ahoy
  • Highland House
  • Sleepy Village
  • Starting Small
  • Cluck House
  • Roadside Inn
  • Not A Sandcastle
  • Sand Sanctuary
  • Endless Desert
  • Gritty Grandeur
  • Lava In The Jungle
  • Jungle Treehouse
  • Giant Jungle
  • Heart Of The Jungle
  • Chill Spot
  • Highland Grazing
  • Secluded Mine
  • Dark And Shroomy
  • Toadstool Terrace
  • Wide Woods
  • Tremendous Tundra
  • Night Is Coming
  • Rangers Rest
  • Jollys Lodge
  • Bovine Quiet Time
  • Sandy Peril
  • Lone Sheep Road
  • Mystery Forest
  • The Warren
  • Ambitious Expedition
  • Hearth Home
  • Relax in this Igloo
  • Mystery Canopy
  • There’s A Dock!


Default scale (creative)

By default, when the buildplate was set on a real-world surface, it appeared sized as a square about 58 centimeters (23 inches) on each side for an 8×8 buildplate, resulting in a scale of about 1:14. A 32×32 buildplate appeared as about 50 centimeters (20 inches) per side, resulting in a scale of 1:64.

Full scale (survival)

Before placing the buildplate, the player had the option to place it at full scale. At full scale, the player was in survival mode with only their configured hotbar for items. This was similar to playing an adventure. If the player was playing a shared buildplate, the hotbar provided by the owner was used and cannot be changed. On a full-scale buildplate, the player was able to be burned by lava, and any hostile mobs on the buildplate attacked the player.


Players were able to collaborate on a buildplate. A player who placed a buildplate was able to select "Invite Friend", which allowed another player to scan a QR code to join.