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The Buildplates icon.

A buildplate is an area in Minecraft Earth in which the player can build structures. It is the creative mode component of the game, although it also offers a survival mode.


A new player has an 8×8 buildplate available by default. The player selects a surface in the real world on which to place the buildplate, and once placed, the player sees the buildplate superimposed on the real-world camera view. An open space and a flat surface are required for buildplates to be placed. Players can also interact with the items or mobs in their buildplate. The player can physically move around the buildplate to view it from different angles, and build structures.

As the player advances in level, new buildplates become available at different sizes up to 32×32. The player can also spend rubies to purchase buildplates in the Store.


Default scale (creative)

By default, when the buildplate is set on a real-world surface, it appears sized as a square about 58 centimeters (23 inches) on each side for an 8×8 buildplate, resulting in a scale of about 1:14. A 32×32 buildplate appears as about 50 centimeters (20 inches) per side, resulting in a scale of 1:64.

Full scale (survival)

Before placing the buildplate, the player has the option to place it at full scale. At full scale, the player is in survival mode with only their configured hotbar for items. This is similar to playing an adventure. If the player is playing a shared buildplate, the hotbar provided by the owner is used and cannot be changed. On a full-scale buildplate, the player can be burned by lava, and any hostile mobs on the buildplate attack the player.


Players can collaborate on a buildplate. A player who places a buildplate can select "invite friend" to allow another player to scan a QR code to join.