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For the unused boost in other versions of Minecraft, see Health Boost.
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Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.

The boosts menu icon.

A boost in Minecraft Earth was an enhancement to a player ability. A boost's duration and intensity depended on its level. A player was able to spend rubies in the store to purchase boosts.


Boosts were available as levels I, II, and III. The level of the boost determined its duration, intensity (if applicable), and cost.

  • Level I boosts lasted 10 minutes. One level I boost was able to be purchased for 10 rubies.
  • Level II boosts lasted 15 minutes. Five level II boosts were able to be purchased for 75 rubies (15 rubies per boost)
  • Level III boosts lasted 30 minutes. Three level III boosts were able to be purchased for 100 rubies (33.3 rubies per boost)

Boost effects and their intensities were as follows:

Boost name Description Level I
10 minutes
1 for 10 rubies
Level II
15 minutes
5 for 75 rubies
Level III
30 minutes
3 for 100 rubies
Adventure XP Boost Increased XP from adventures +50% +75% +100%
Attack Boost Increased attack damage +25% +50% +100%
Hoarding Boost Preserved backpack contents and XP in the event of death - - -
Mob XP Boost Increased XP from collecting mobs from the map +50% +75% +100%
Crafting Boost Faster crafting jobs +100% +300% +700%
Defense Boost Took less damage when attacked, as if wearing armor +25% +50% +100%
Food Boost Healed more from eating food +50% +150% +300%
Keeper Boost Kept the hotbar contents and XP in the event of death - - -
Health Boost Temporarily increased maximum health +10% +20% +30%
Mining Boost Increased mining speed for a short time +25% +50% +100%
Smelting Boost Faster smelting jobs +10% +20% +30%
Radius Boost Increased the interaction radius on the map +35m +53m +70m