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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft Earth. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
Bone Spider
Bone Spider.png
Health points

32♥ × 16



Attack strength

Normal Attack: 3♥♥
Bone Shards: 2♥ - 6♥♥♥

Hitbox size

Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.6 Blocks

The bone spider is a vicious and scary beast, hiding in the darkest recesses of caves. It sneaks up on its enemy spitting out sharp shards of bones causing high levels of damage. Yuk!

Player Journal Description

A bone spider is a type of spider that was covered in a bone texture found only in Minecraft Earth.


Bone spiders were a boney variant of the spider. Unlike regular spiders, it possesses dark-purplish skin with four purple main eyes and four smaller eyes, and had what appeared to be various exposed bones on its body, which included a front skull, a backbone that stretched from the thorax to the abdomen, and leg bones on the sides of its legs.


Bone spiders were rare mobs that were only obtainable from epic and rare adventure chests. They were also obtainable from the "Level 25" buildplate.


Bone spiders were hostile toward players, melon golems, and furnace golems. Their melee attack dealt 3♥♥. Additionally, they shot bone shards as a ranged attack.

Bone Shard[]

Bone shard
Bone Shard.png

Bone spiders shoot bone shards at players. The player takes 2♥ – 6♥♥♥ of projectile damage upon being hit.


When killed, bone spiders drop:

  • 0–2 String 35% (720 chance)
  • 0–2 Bone 40% (820 chance)
  • 1–2 Bone Meal 25% (520 chance)

Data values[]


NameResource locationNumeric ID
Bone Spider?5006




Minecraft Earth
0.15.0Bone Spider.png Added bone spiders.


  • The bone spider, along with the jolly llama, were previously the only mobs in Minecraft Earth that cannot be obtained in any type of tappables.
  • The biome category of the journal revealed that bone spiders spawned in dark forests.
  • According to the artist that designed it, this was meant to look like a skeleton pattern on the spider's body, rather than actual bones.[1]
    • Bone spiders also had the ability to shoot bone shards at players, implying that it may have been actually skeletal in some way.



  1. [1]|This This mob was designed to be a skeletal variant of a spider, with a ranged attack. I came up with the design, model, texture, and animation for it. Initially I tried a full skeleton design, but ultimately landed on something that looks more like a skeleton pattern on the spider's body.|Art Director: Brad Shuber