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Not to be confused with MINECON Earth.
Minecraft Earth Grass Block
Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.

Bring the Minecraft universe into the real world with augmented reality!

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MCE Key Art 1

Key art by Mojang Studios

Minecraft Earth was a free-to-play augmented reality (AR) spin-off mobile game developed by Mojang Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios for iOS, iPadOS, and Android. The game was about building structures and collecting materials by traveling to real-life locations. Minecraft Earth was released in closed beta on July 16, 2019, and gradually expanded its available countries over the rest of 2019, being released worldwide on December 11, 2019. The game received its final update, 0.33.0, on January 5, 2021, and was discontinued on June 30, 2021, due to restrictions on outdoor activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.[7] The next day, all players that had a remaining paid balance of Rubies were given Minecoins, and players who purchased anything in the game received a copy of Bedrock Edition in return.[7]


Minecraft Earth was an adaptation of the traditional Minecraft experience to an augmented-reality setting, similarly to Ingress and Pokémon Go.[8] The game itself was built on the Bedrock engine. It featured many unique gameplay aspects and similar interactions to the main game.[8]

Minecraft Earth required an Xbox Live account.[9]

The game used Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors along with OpenStreetMap to power location-based gameplay. The technology synced the position of buildplates in multi-player by referencing objects in the real world, creating a seamless experience.[8][10][11]

It was announced that the Nether and the End were planned for Minecraft Earth in a future update,[12] but these plans were scrapped due to the game being discontinued on June 30, 2021.[7]


MC Earth gameplay

Gameplay of Minecraft Earth.

In Minecraft Earth, players were allowed to build structures with other players and "place them in the real world at life-size".[11]

In the map view, players were allowed to see their character, which was able to be changed with skins owned from the marketplace or generated using the Character Creator. Scattered around the maps were tappables. If a tappable was within a player's collection range, the player could tap it and collect items. There were multiple types of tappables, including stone, grass, ponds, chests, and mobs.


Main article: MCE:Adventure

Adventures appeared on the map but were also allowed to be spawned using Adventure Crystals. Adventures were the survival aspect of Minecraft Earth. Players were allowed to fight mobs, collect additional resources that are unavailable with tappables, and collect rewards. Adventures were only allowed to be played in life-size mode.


Main article: MCE:Buildplate

Buildplates were worlds that players used to build on. They were shared remotely for viewing, and worked on by invited players in the same location.[8][10]

Buildplates were 8×8, 16×16 or 32×32 blocks in size, and their build height limit was 221 blocks.[13] From ground level, a buildplate also extended downward in varying depth, depending on the buildplate. The minimum depth before bedrock appeared after digging down was 3 blocks and the buildplate with the maximum recorded depth was 12 blocks[14]

Using the shop, players were allowed to buy new plots using rubies. Plots were also earned via a leveling system.

Buildplates functioned like personal realms and were used anywhere. They ran in the Bedrock Engine, meaning redstone, physics, and other mechanics were identical to Bedrock Edition. Players were allowed to invite friends to build with them locally and then share the world to others via a link.[8][10]

A player was allowed to interact with a buildplate in miniature and life-size modes. In miniature mode, the buildplate functioned the same as creative mode in Minecraft, allowing the player to build structures and populate the buildplate with mobs. In life-size mode, the buildplate functioned the same as survival mode, in which the player must use tools to interact with blocks. Hostile mobs on the buildplate attacked the player, and the player could lose health and life.

A planned feature for buildplates that was announced but never implemented was the ability to pin buildplates on the map for other players to view publicly.

Buildplates were also allowed to be shared via a link, so players didn't need to be in the same location as the creator to see creations.[8] The links shared were either temporary or never expiring.[8] Mojang Studios claimed to have a 24/7 moderation team, reviewing and looking at reports of inappropriate builds.[8]

Minecraft Earth adventures had their own buildplates, with predefined above-ground and underground structures and hostile mobs. Like user buildplates, an adventure plate was only allowed to be placed somewhere on the ground before interacting with it. Adventure buildplates weren't able to be saved or moved by a player although multiple players were allowed to interact with the same adventure at the same time.


Similar to advancements in Java Edition and achievements in Bedrock Edition, challenges were tasks given to player to guide the player. Unlike advancements, there were 3 types of challenges: Daily, Seasonal, and Tappable challenges. These challenges involved individual tasks; the player obtained rubies, experience, and credit after completing. For example, if player's task is to collect 6 ferns, and another challenge is to collect 4 ferns, and the player gets 2 ferns, it would apply to both tasks.

Gameplay differences from regular Minecraft[]

Inventory ME

Inventory in Minecraft Earth, showing that stacks of items and mobs appeared unlimited in size and quantity.

Minecraft Earth offered somewhat different mechanics to players more familiar with Java or Bedrock editions of Minecraft. These differences included:

  • The game was basically two-dimensional; that is, while one can build upward and dig downward, a player wasn't able to climb or descend unless a real-world structure was available for climbing and descending.
  • There was no daylight cycle. Buildplates and adventures always had the same lighting regardless of the real-world time of day. Some buildplates were available with night illumination.
  • Inventory:
    • Inventory was effectively unlimited, both in inventory slots and the stack size of items or blocks.
    • There was no inventory crafting grid, and no way to repair damaged items by combining them.
    • There were no armor slots in the inventory.
    • Mobs were allowed to be collected, and achievements were earned for collecting them. Occasionally a tappable dropped a hostile mob that was allowed to be collected and placed on a buildplate.
    • Inventory was unaffected by death, as it was inaccessible during adventures. Only items in the hotbar and backpack (the items collected during an adventure) were lost.
  • Crafting:
    • Both crafting and smelting took time, sometimes several minutes (or even hours) depending on the item. Like smelting in regular Minecraft, the player was allowed to exit the crafting or smelting interface to do other things while the process completes.
    • Several items weren't able to be crafted at all, such as chests, crafting tables, armor, villager workstations, fishing rods, and anything related to enchantments or potions (anvils, enchanting tables, brewing stands, etc.).
  • Tools and melee weapons had infinite range.
  • Health and hunger were combined into one health gauge bar. Health was depleted by mob attacks, and restored by eating food.
  • Food wasn't allowed to be cooked in survival mode (i.e. during an adventure), and was only allowed to be cooked outside of an adventure. Food was allowed to be eaten during an adventure and outside of an adventure.
  • Iron ingots were available only by smelting iron ore, which was rare and never dropped by tappables. Iron ore was obtained only via mining during an adventure, provided the adventure included any iron at all, and rarely when killing zombies, similar to Vanilla Minecraft.
  • There was no way to craft or wear armor in the game. A player used tactics rather than armor for protection. Players were also allowed to obtain different clothing items, but these offer no armor protection.
  • Chests weren't able to be found as items, crafted, or stored in the player's inventory. They existed only as tappables.
  • Ladders were available for construction but weren't able to be climbed.
  • Obsidian didn't exist and wasn't allowed to be created. Lava flowing into water formed cobblestone, but lava was unaffected by water flowing onto it.

Other differences:

  • Mini boosts were figurines that were tapped to the device's NFC reader giving temporary boosts to stats in-game, such as better defense or attack strength. Only five can be used at a time and the same boost.
  • Adventure crystals were added for people isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adventure crystals allowed a player to experience a small, medium, large or huge adventure without having to go outside, provided the adventure had enough open area. They later ended be being a permanent feature to the game.[15]


The game had full microtransactions. The in game currency was rubies, which was not to be confused with Minecoins.[8]

Rubies were used to:[16]

Minecoins were also used as a secondary currency in Minecraft Earth, for purchasing skins and clothing.

In 0.33.0, the final update to Minecraft Earth, all microtransactions had been removed in preparation for the game's shutting down on June 30, 2021.[7]


During Microsoft Build 2015, Microsoft's HoloLens team unveiled an augmented reality version of Minecraft,[17] internally codenamed "Minecraft Genoa". On May 6, 2019, Microsoft released a video on YouTube, where some features from Minecraft Earth were shown.[18] On May 8, 2019, a trailer was released, showing some AR mods in Minecraft Earth. On Minecraft's 10th anniversary (May 17, 2019), Minecraft Earth was officially announced.


Minecraft Earth (Original Game Soundtrack) is the soundtrack released for Minecraft Earth, featuring compositions by Shauny Jang, which features all of the music exclusive to the game. The soundtrack was released on February 19, 2021. These tracks were also used as music for the Mob Vote 2022 Server Event.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length Track
1. "Earth" 5:47 File:Earth.ogg
2. "Sprouting" 2:27 File:Sprouting.ogg


Closed beta[]

iOS and iPadOS[]

The closed beta for Minecraft Earth was launched for AR-compatible devices running iOS and iPadOS in the cities listed below.

Closed beta launch date City
July 16, 2019

London, England[1]
Seattle, Washington, United States[1]

July 17, 2019

Stockholm, Sweden[19]
Tokyo, Japan[20]

July 18, 2019 Mexico City, Mexico[21]


The closed beta for Minecraft Earth was launched for AR-compatible devices running Android in the same five cities the iOS closed beta was launched in.

Date Cities of the closed beta launch Notes
August 22, 2019 Pre-registration for the full game on the Google Play Store and registration for the closed beta on the Minecraft Earth site becomes available.
August 30, 2019 London, England
Seattle, Washington, United States
Stockholm, Sweden
Tokyo, Japan
Mexico City, Mexico
This closed beta was launched in the same cities as the closed beta for iOS already was launched in.[22]

Early access[]

The early access of Minecraft Earth was launched for everyone to download in the App Store and Google Play in the countries listed below.[23]

Early access launch date Version Country
October 17, 2019 0.5.0 Iceland, New Zealand[2]
October 29, 2019 0.6.0 Australia, Mexico, Sweden[24]
October 31, 2019 0.6.1 Canada, the Philippines, South Korea[25]
November 5, 2019 United Kingdom[26]
November 12, 2019 0.7.0 United States[27]
November 19, 2019 0.7.1 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland[28]
November 21, 2019 India[29]
December 11, 2019 0.8.0 Most countries worldwide,[3] excluding Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Mainland China, Myanmar, North Korea, and Sudan.[11]


On January 5, 2021, Mojang Studios released the final update to Minecraft Earth, 0.33.0, and announced that the game's servers would be taken offline after June 30, 2021, citing the current global situation. On that day, the game was removed from the respective app stores.[7] Players who open the app after that date are greeted with this message, which includes a link to information about the shutdown:

Dear Minecraft Earth players,
We have been on an amazing adventure together, bringing the wonder of Minecraft into the real world. We have built masterpieces, collected amazing new mobs, and even dug deep into the ground on incredible Epic [sic] adventures.
We have made the difficult discussion [sic] to end support for Minecraft Earth as of June 30th, 2021.
Thanks for playing and we hope to see you in Minecraft.
– The Minecraft Earth Team

Returning players who logged in before the discontinuation received an exclusive Character creator “Hero” outfit set. Moreover, any returning player who had a remaining paid ruby balance before the shutdown would receive a free copy of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

System requirements[]

According to the FAQ page:

iOS & iPadOS Android
Minimum version iOS 12 or iPadOS Android Oreo (8.0)
Supported devices
  • iPhone 6S or later
  • iPhone SE (all models)
  • iPad (5th gen) or later
  • iPad Air (3rd gen) or later
  • iPad mini (5th gen) or later
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPod touch (7th gen)



  • Minecraft Earth is very similar to the discontinued Minecraft Reality, an app where one could desplay Minecraft builds over real-life scenes using the phone's camera.[30]
  • This was the third Minecraft spin-off game to be discontinued, the first was Minecraft: Story Mode and the second was Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two.
  • This was the second game to use Bedrock engine, after Bedrock Edition.
    • Because of that, unused textures for shulkers (unimplemented due to The End not existing in the game), cameras, agents, etc. were found in texture files.
  • One of the game's songs, "Earth", was featured as a newly arranged track in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of Challenger Pack 7.





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