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Is this page really necessary? Drour1234(talk), 29 June 2022 (UTC)

I think it's necessary, in the past the "armored mobs" still made sense because the game only had armored zombie/skeleton/vindicator/pillager and they have an armor or helmet equips on them. But after the launch of Howling Peaks, the only difference between the mountaineer and the armored mountaineer model is the backpack, pickaxe, leather shoulder pads, and their body size. and then comes Hidden Depths, armored drowned and armored sunken skeleton don't even have helmet and chestplate. And finally Flames of the Nether, here comes the piglin family, and the piglin brute is just because like other armored mobs, they have two variants, so we forcibly name it to armored piglin for that long. At least piglin brute is still an official name. I think the game file name "piglin variant 1" is more make sense than armored piglin, so far, the common features of these "mob's variant" are that they are larger than normal mobs, and have stronger attack damage and health. Technically, they share the same animations, AI and sounds as normal mobs. We shouldn't use "armor" to define their category. I think this article should use the word closest to the official name, like miniboss or powerful. - Alan(talk), 29 June 2022 (UTC).
I agree that calling them “armored” does not really work, but “mini boss” and “powerful” don’t work as well because they are not mini bosses. I don’t think they should be called by their accurate game files name as the game files name may confuse people. For instance, the name, “(insert mob name here) Variant 1” may make people think that all variants of that mob could go on this page. The Vindicator Chef is a variant of the Vindicator, yet it is its own mob page. Upon typing this, I just came up with an idea. Maybe all of the currently named armored mob pages could be renamed as “brute” mobs. After all, the Piglin Brute is already one of the Armored Piglin mobs. If I need to clarify anything, please let me know. While I will get to moving the armored mob pages, perhaps you could edit this page to be titled as “Brute” mobs. Before we even go though with this, we should get the approval of more people, that is, if you even agree with my idea. As soon as someone approves my idea, I will get started. Drour1234(talk), 29 June 2022 (UTC)
 AgreeThis is indeed a good idea! I am agree of this idea. Honestly it's really annoying that there is no official name given. Fun fact, I was on my native wiki and I saw that armored mobs started to lose their definition when other translations came up, for example armored drowned became "heterochromatic seaweed drowned" and armored sunken skeleton became "heterochromatic coral skeleton" ", I think it's time for a more standardized translation. Alan(talk), 29 June 2022 (UTC).
This wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia. Whatever the name, it should be objectively true. "Brute" conveys an animalistic nature, which doesn't necessarily apply to any of the other mobs. Like Alan says, "Armored [Mob]" was fine until the Howling Peaks DLC, because they were in fact armored mobs. I'm in favor of anything that's objectively true, and I offer the suggestions "Elite Mob" and "Strong Mob".——JavaRogers (talk) 03:49, 30 June 2022 (UTC) [Edited 03:53]
We also don't necessarily have to standardise the article names, naming them each by ear and granting them a common category (e.g. "Category:Stronger mob variants"). So the mobs with armour are still "Armored [Mob]", the piglin brute stays "Piglin Brute", and the stronger drowned is "Strong Drowned".——JavaRogers (talk) 04:02, 30 June 2022 (UTC)
Giving them all separate names would be very confusing. Also, I do not see anything wrong with “brute”. Though, if a better name comes up, I will change the category. However, these mobs should all have the same epithet. In a way, “brute” does fit all of these mobs besides the Piglins. The Piglins are literally part animal. The illagers are an incredibly violent group. The undead are ruthless. They all fit the definitions of a “brute”. However, this discussion is not closed. I will suggest some names tomorrow. Until then, let’s let the term stand for now. Drour1234(talk), 29 June 2022 (UTC)
That's a subjective view of these mobs as more brutish than their underlings, and any reader has the liberty of disagreeing with that. Remember what our role as encyclopedic editors is. I'd rather we do away with "brute" once this discussion is closed, because it's not necessarily true. I do however appreciate it as an attempt to bring a better common name to these mobs.——JavaRogers (talk) 00:25, 1 July 2022 (UTC) [Edited 00:27]
I just thought of a new name idea to replace “brute”. I will reveal it later today as I am still unsure if it is even a good name or not. Drour1234(talk), 1 July 2022 (UTC)
As I stated before, I just thought of a new name idea to replace the current name of “brute”. Since then, I have reached the conclusion that it is not a good name and I will not waste discussing what I now believe to be a bad name idea. However, as I was looking back on this talk page, I noticed an idea of yours that I overlooked before. You had previously suggested the term “Elite Mob”. I disagree with using that as the literal term, though I do like the idea of using the term “Elite” as the term conveys a sense that these mobs are “superior” versions of standard mobs. While I still think that this discussion should still be open, I will change the term “brute” to the term “elite” as it is better than “brute”. Now the question is whether the term “Elite” should come before the mob in the name or after the mob in the name? For instance, “Elite Drowned” or “Drowned Elite”? I prefer “Elite Drowned”.Drour1234(talk), 4 July 2022 (UTC)