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so I am not sure whether the "Novelty" animation belongs to "Unused" feature or "Easter egg". Need more info.
so I am not sure whether the "Novelty" animation belongs to "Unused" feature or "Easter egg". Need more info.
[[User:MrAlanWong|Alan]]([[Usertalk:MrAlanWong|talk]]), 10 July 2021
[[User:MrAlanWong|Alan]]([[User talk:MrAlanWong|talk]]), 10 July 2021

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Death 2 and 3 does not play in the game[]

That sound was missing in Game Shagufta Arai (talk) 16:43, 31 October 2020 (UTC)

hurt 3[]

I have no idea what this is.. I've thought about ways to fix this

  • #1: recreating the page:

Yeah I've thought about this and thought that if it didn't work then it would've been a waste of time, but if it would work then it still would be just time consuming and seemingly pointless.

  • #2: Reuploading the sound file:

Again, sounds pointless as it is, but it sounds like it could work. Now i know what some of you are thinking, that i could just stop talking and fix it myself, but I'm a beginner, and I'm still learning, but ive helped in the past, and i want this sound to be fixed as much as any of you do.– Unsigned comment added by (talk) at 02:03, 4 January 2021 (UTC). Sign comments with ~~~~

i've tried reuploading the file and i doubt recreating the page would work either. there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the sound tables. Oreli (talk) 04:02, 4 January 2021 (UTC)
Now this is weird.. if the sound table isn't the problem.. what is? The only thing that it could be is the sound itself, but now that I'm saying that I'm just confusing myself and probably anyone who reads this..

So here's what we know:

  • #1: The sound refreshes and works again after you leave and revisit the page.
  • #2: It only works once and it's just too confusing to even understand how to fix it?
Does anybody else have any ideas about what is going on with this thing? 14:09, 27 March 2021 (UTC)

No Melee Attack[]

The Enchanter has no melee attack. It does not attack you by hitting you with its book when you get too close. I tested this out in game multiple times in the Mainland missions. Drour1234 (talk), 8 June 2021

Have encountered the melee behaviour myself. There should be no nearby mobs for them to enchant and, if I recall correctly, have to be provoked. 🍍 Raybeano99 (Talk) 20:31, 8 June 2021 (UTC)

Novelty Animation[]

MrAlanWong edited and mentioned the fact that:

“Most mobs have a hidden animation called "Novelty". I have seen someone show this animation but it was quickly deleted.I think this might be an easter egg.”

The animation is off the Enchanter throwing the book in the air and catching it. Drour1234 (talk), 8 July 2021

Actually this feature have been found a long time ago, let me state it roughly. Not long after the Dungeons game was released, I once argued with an admin about Enchanter Closed Arms. The admin didn't believe the arm-closed Enchanter screenshots in the game I provided, so he showed me the Enchanter's animation files, including "Idle", "Walk", "Spell", "Attack" and other animation files. (It was later confirmed that Enchanter has four hidden arms settings) And the last animation in the file is "Novelty", which I have never seen in game before. The enchanter will fly the tome in the air, making the pages of tome flap like the wings of a bat. After that, the enchanter will rush to catch the falling tome. And later, the admin quickly deleted these files for unknown reason. Then, I also found the "Novelty" in Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders of MCD. The "Novelty" of skeletons also have exclusive spin skull sound. But I later chose to wait for Enchanter’s problem to be resolved, so I wrote the "Novelty" feature in the Trivia of the MCD:mob page, and then I saw someone found that "all mobs except Heart of Ender had "Novelty" behavior or sounds." Until recently, I saw that MCD:Evoker finally had an animated file gif uploaded, and I remembered that "Novelty" animation, Also in these days I also learned from Oakar258 that many mob animations and games are completely different (for example, the attack animation file of Pillager , it show its legs are striding, but in the game pillagers don't have legs striding animation when attacking.)

so I am not sure whether the "Novelty" animation belongs to "Unused" feature or "Easter egg". Need more info. Alan(talk), 10 July 2021

"All mobs except the heart of ender", that was me, i will fix that, because i saw the heart of ender actually has a idle animation, but i don't know about a Novelty animation, i know this because i watched a video of a mod called "Cacti Waves", where you fight a lot of mobs at once in waves including a crap ton of bosses..... Anyways, i have been studying the Novelty animations for a long time now, and i put that on the mob page, which ended up in other people adding more information about other mobs Novelty animations that i didn't even know existed, because i mostly spyed on necromancers, and when i saw what it did, i was stunned, and thrilled when i saw a Drowned Necromancer do it (first in a video, then in person), so now when somebody requested that the Enchanter's Novelty animation be a gif, i was excited, and hoping on that all the Novelty animations will be made into gifs on the mobs respected pages, but i can't be sure.. not yet anyway.... 15:44, 21 July 2021 (UTC)