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Zombified Baby Pig
Zombified Baby Pig (Dungeons).png


Don't let a little zombification get in the way of friendship! Give this plucky piglet a chance (just ignore the smell).

In-game description

The zombified baby pig is a pet mob released to all heroes on October 13, 2021 during the Spookier Fall event as a free pet.


The zombified baby pig is a zombified variant of the baby pig that does not transform into a piglin in the Overworld, unlike piglins and their variants. The zombified baby pig’s right face has exposed bone and the left side of their face is covered by pink skin. It also has a large chunk of exposed flesh and bones on its left side. Small exposed bones and flesh are seen on its tiny legs.


The zombified baby pig can be obtained free after completing 12 Daily Trials in the Spookier Fall event.


The zombified baby pig is purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies. Despite being zombified, it doesn't transform into a zombified piglin and it is the first ever passive undead mob in Minecraft Dungeons.


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Minecraft Dungeons
October 1, 2020The zombified baby pig is first revealed in the artwork for the Spookier Fall beside the hero.[1]
October 8, 2021The zombified baby pig is revealed in-game as it wanders around the Camp.[2] Baby Pig (Dungeons).pngAdded the zombified baby pig.
October 18, 2021A Twitter video was released featuring the zombified baby pig who, upon meeting the hero Elaine, begins to admire their cackling broom and cauldron armor.[3]



  • The zombified baby pig is the first pet to be released or announced as an event-exclusive.