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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC. 
Wretched Wraith
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The wretched wraith is a boss mob found within the Creeping Winter DLC of Minecraft Dungeons.


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The wretched wraith was once a normal wraith that dwelled within the grand chamber of a lonely fortress located on the island where the Creeping Winter takes place. After the shattering of the orb of dominance, one of the the shards of the orb landed on the island. It was found by the wraith in the grand chamber. As a result of the shard’s corruption, the wraith became colder and more powerful. The wretched wraith gained abilities to proceed to cover the entire island in snow and a creeping winter that devastated the local villagers living on the once-prosperous island.

Upon reaching the grand chamber of the lone fortress, the hero comes across an icy crown with the shard on a pedestal. Attempting to take it causes the Wretched Wraith to rise up and grab the crown. It then tries to fend off the hero. Once it is defeated, the shard inside it’s crown shatters and the wretched wraith picks it up and shakes it. Upon realizing that the shard is gone, the wretched wraith screams as beams of light shine on it, ending it’s undead existence. The crown then falls to the ground and cannot be interacted with. The hero then leaves the fortress, knowing the land can now recover from the wraith's icy grip.


The wretched wraith is an unusually large, oversized wraith with small purple markings around its glowing eyes, glowing mouth, and tattered hood. It also has frost-coated hands and shoulders. An icy crown-like formation with a shard of the orb of dominance floating above it. It is the smallest DLC boss mob in the game.



The wretched wraith has five different behaviors. In between them, it randomly hovers and teleports around the arena.

Basic attack

If the hero comes within melee range of the wretched wraith, it uses its melee attack to knock the hero back, then it teleports away.


The wretched wraith moves one of its arms and simply fires a fast-moving icy projectile toward the hero.

Row projectile attack

The wretched wraith teleports to one side of the arena, becomes invulnerable to damage and fires rows of many pink projectiles (five for spread and eight for cone per second) that cover both sides of the arena, and also projectiles in the middle.

Vulnerable stun

After taking enough damage, the wretched wraith may become stunned for five seconds and does not move or attack. Its defense is also reduced by 60% during this.

Summon minions

The wretched wraith summons two strays and one wraith.


Power Min Health Power Level
1 768 Default 1
4 1305.6 Default 2
10 2073.6 Default 3
16 3148.8 Default 4
22 4224 Default 5
27 5683.2 Default 6
33 7603.2 Default 7 and Adventure 1
39 9830.4 Adventure 2
45 12595.2 Adventure 3
51 16204.8 Adventure 4
56 21964.8 Adventure 5
62 29798.4 Adventure 6
68 40243.2 Adventure 7 and Apocalypse 1
74 51686.4 Apocalypse 2
80 66355.2 Apocalypse 3
86 85171.2 Apocalypse 4
91 115968 Apocalypse 5
97 157363.2 Apocalypse 6
103 213196.8 Apocalypse 7



Wretched Wraith Theme Start
Wretched Wraith Theme Loop
Wretched Wraith Theme End

Wretched Wraith[]

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Stun Crown
Stun Move
Walk Ice


Melee Weapons
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Data value[]

  • In the game files, the wretched wraith is referred to internally by the name WickedWraith.


Minecraft Dungeons Wraith.pngAdded the wretched wraith internally to the game files under the name wicked wraith.
Aug 11, 2020The official art is shown for the first time, revealing the wretched wraith in the background.[1] Wraith.pngAdded the wretched wraith. in-game narrator now properly refers to the wretched wraith in voiceovers rather than as the wicked wraith. given an invincibility phase when using it’s row projectile attack.
Increased health but reduced incoming projectile damage slightly.
Now affected by smiting enchantment.