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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC. 
Wind Caller
Wind Caller.png


The Wind Caller is an illager and hostile mob that controls the wind, found in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks.


The Wind Caller is an Illager that possesses wind magic. It wears jade-green clothing with tattered white sleeves and a white stripe around its edge near the chest and a tattered skirt. It is seen wearing a tall slender hat (or just tall hair) and orange bands near its hands, and it also wears a leather belt with a gold buckle. It also possesses a jade colored (possibly verdigris copper) staff with a swirling pattern at the tip, which it uses for summoning its wind attacks. Its overall appearance makes it resemble a Shaman. It lastly wears a red cape with a yellow swirl pattern imprinted on the back. It possesses dark-purple eyes.


The Wind Caller is able to summon gusts of wind with its staff to attack. It has two different ways of attacking.

Wind Blast

The Wind Caller spins its staff around and launches a small gust of wind towards the target, which damages and pushes them away. This attack is only used if the target comes within melee range of the Wind Caller.


The Wind Caller lifts its staff up and spawns a tornado below the target, which pushes them up into the air and causes them to take falling damage.


Power Min Health
1 20
4 34
10 54
16 82
22 110
27 148
33 198
39 256
45 328
51 422
56 572
62 776
68 1048
74 1346
80 1728
86 2218
91 3020
97 4098
103 5552


Blast Attack Updated
Lift Attack Tornado Wind
Blast Attack
Fly Loop
Lift Attack Wind
Lift Attack


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Howling Peaks announced during Minecraft Live 2020, with the release date set to be somewhere in December 2020. textures and sound files for the Windcaller into the game, currently unused. Caller.png Added the Wind Caller. updraft attack damage by ~27.27%.



  • The Wind Caller, along with the Geomancer, Enchanter, and Iceologer, are the only illagers with unique magical abilities exclusive to Minecraft Dungeons.
  • The Wind Caller is one of the few illagers with a full head of hair, making it contrary to most illagers that are usually bald.
  • Some of the Wind Caller's sounds resemble the sounds of the Whisperer and the Mountaineer.