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This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 
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The Wildfire is an unused mob that was planned for the Flames of the Nether DLC. While this mob was cut due to time constraints, there is a statue of it in the Nether Fortress. The only proof of its existence are its texture files, model, and images and footage of it being hacked into the player's camp.


The Wildfire is a large mob, very similar in appearance to a blaze albeit bigger and somewhat tougher. It possesses four large shields which float around it, that act as protection, and a fifth one shaped as a pillar under its head. Its head is that of a normal blaze with the exception of it wearing a helmet, fitted with a small red gem.


The Wildfire, while unused, is working smoothly and can be spawned in via modding or cheats.


The only current known behavior from when it is spawned with cheats is that it shoots fireballs at the player.


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  • The Wildfire is the First unused Boss mob in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • The Wildfire was one of the available mobs players could vote for during MINECON Earth 2017 to be in the main game, with the temporary name "Mob D". The eventual winner of the vote was "Mob B", which would become the Phantom.
    • Had it been added, the Wildfire would have spawned randomly in the Nether with a group of Blazes as a "random encounter," and would attack with powerful shock waves. It is unknown how similar the Wildfire in Dungeons would have been to this concept.
  • It appears to have a Netherite Helmet from the main game, although it was first shown over 3 years before netherite was first implemented into the game.
  • The shield part of the model is a separate model from the Inferno and when spawned in-game with cheats, the game duplicates the shield models to be four.
  • According to one of the developers, the Wildfire was meant to be an event mob like the ghast, but due to time constraints, they never got to finish the mob fully and left it as is in the code.
    • It is also mentioned it could possibly return to Dungeons if it was added in their roadmap, but as of now, it is very bleak it will return to the game itself.
    • It is also stated that it could appear again in the Minecraft universe, meaning there's a chance it could return to the base game, going against what the devs said in 2017, all mobs that lost against the Phantom would never appear again.