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Not to be confused with MCD:Spider.
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Web Spider
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Hostile (presumably)

The Web Spider is an unimplemented mob in Minecraft Dungeons that was added in the game files in the Dungeons Beta, but was removed in It is a variant of the spider that could be featured in a future DLC or update. The only proof of its existence so far are a few textures and models in the game files. It is only inferred that the web spider has red eyes, as the textures for other spiders also lack eyes.


The web spider is very similar in appearance to the spider. It’s main similarity is that it has red eyes. The difference is that it has a greenish tint on its texture. In addition to this, there is also a very subtle purple tint in the middle of the side of each leg. It also seems to use the old spider texture prior to 1.14 with a green tint.