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Weapons are a category of equippable items in Minecraft Dungeons that are used to attack and defeat mobs in during missions. The hero can obtain new weapons from opening chests, defeating mobs, exchanging emeralds with the village merchant, luxury merchant, mystery merchant, piglin merchant, and from gifts provided by heroes of other players through the gift wrapper. Weapons can have up to three player selected enchantments to apply additional properties.

The maximum power level for weapons is 263. Gilded weapons can drop in Ancient Hunts and be obtained from the piglin merchant with a maximum power of 251. Gilded weapons at power level 263 are obtainable through the Tower. Seasonal equipment can be obtained gilded.

Melee weapons[]

"Melee Weapon" redirects here. For melee weapons in Minecraft, see Weapon § Melee weapon.

Melee weapons are weapons that can be used to damage nearby entities. There are currently seventy-eight known melee weapons. This includes forty-eight uniques, of which forty-seven are obtainable, and three are seasonal event exclusive.

Close range combat is the hero's unlimited and reliable source of damage output with no ammo requirement. However, the immediate proximity to mobs positions the hero within melee mobs' attack ranges, risking loss of health and receiving negative status effects such as becoming Frozen. Ranged mobs also take advantage of the time taken for the melee hero to approach them.

Long ranged melee weapons such as glaives can help keep a distance between the hero and mobs or received damage can be mitigated and nullified by consistent healing with Radiance on high speed weapons such as the fighter's bindings.

If no melee weapons are equipped, the hero's fists are used to inflict 1 damage point to mobs.

With correct equipment setup and a touch of experimentation, Melee weapons can be the devastator to the Arch-Illager's forces. Slow and hard hitting or rapid and unforgiving, Melee weapons should always be considered - even if the player prefers a Ranged approach.


Combo length is the number of different attack movements in a Melee weapon's attack sequence.

The final attack of a combo triggers Shockwave and Swirling enchantments and inflict the maximum damage specified for the weapon in the inventory.

Default and above[]

Icon Name
Level ID
Group of Unique DLC exclusive Accepts soul
Properties Built-in
Obtainable location[key 1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Anchor (MCD) Anchor No Hidden Depths
  • Slow but powerful
  • Absorbs some knockback
  • Pulls enemies in
Gravity 1
Encrusted Anchor (MCD) Anchor Yes Hidden Depths
  • Slow but powerful
  • Inflicts Poison
  • Absorbs some knockback
  • Pulls enemies in
Axe (MCD) Axe No
  • Spin Attack
None 3
Firebrand (MCD) Axe Yes
  • Burns Mobs
  • Spin attack move
Fire Aspect 3
Highland Axe (MCD) Axe Yes
  • Stuns Mobs
  • Spin attack move
Stunning 3
Backstabber (MCD) Backstabber No [[MCD:Echoing Void}|style="text-align: center" class="tc-no" | ✖]] sinister sword, haunted bow, great axeblade, and sheer daggers. pickaxe, diamond pickaxe attack delay 0.45 -> 0.7, damage 75 -> 130.
Fixed unintentional combo variants in unique variants of pickaxe and cutlass. [3] Added tempest knife, chill gale knife, resolute tempest knife, wind bow, burst gale bow, and echo of the valley.
Changed Ranged auto targeting to ignore key golems, love spell bow sounds lowered.
Fixed hunting bow marks being too large when applied to whisperers and leapleafs. frost slayer, shivering bow. boneclub, bone cudgel, broken sawblade, mechanized sawblade, twisting vine bow, weeping vine bow, cog crossbow, pride of the piglins, and gilded gear.
Changed mace 3rd attack damage 90 -> 140, area 225 -> 250. Katana speed ≈ +30%. Daggers range 330 -> 350. Rapier damage 11 -> 13, last attack damage 60 -> 70. Soul scythe damage 75 -> 80, splash factor 0.75 -> 0.85. Hunting bow ammo +50%, charged shot damage multiplier 2.5 -> 2.0. Power bow damage +33%. Trickbow damage +20%, projectile speed +20%. Wind wow ammo +20%.
Fixed power bow charged attacks weren't extra strong as described. anchor, encrusted anchor, coral blade, sponge striker, bubble bow, bubble burster, harpoon crossbow, nautical crossbow.
Fixed weeping vine bow and bone cudgel, not having unique shimmering sounds when dropped during gameplay.
Fixed players holding both melee and ranged weapons on the inventory screen. backstabber, swift striker, obsidian claymore, the starless night, void touched blades, the beginning and the end, shadow crossbow, veiled crossbow, void bow, call of the void. cackling broom, skull scythe, and phantom bow.


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