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This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 
Warped Forest
Warped Forest MCD.png

The Warped Forest is a location in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Flames of the Nether. It can be unlocked from completing the Nether Wastes. This level generates a scroll that, if found, grants access to the Crimson Forest level.


THE WARPED WAY – There is only one way in and out of the Nether: portals. With nothing but a broken portal at your back, you'll need to hope that the Warped Forest is hiding a new way to make it home. Watch your step, for these are dark woods and Endermen lurk within the shadows.

In-game description

All adventures in the Nether begin and end with a portal, but what’s a hero to do with nothing but the weapons at their side and a broken portal at their back? Forge a new path forward and find another portal to take you home.

Opening Cinematic


This location is the warped forest biome in the based game where Blue Nethershrooms or warped fungi grow wildly. The ground and the environment is dark green and it looks quite lush with some twisting vines. Lava falls appear everywhere in this level and the forest is just above a huge and dangerous lava sea. There're some blackstone walls throughout this level which are made by piglins maybe for defense. The player has to walk through the dark and creepy woods with Endermen in order to find the nether portal at the end of it.



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Key Golem Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Armored Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Armored Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Fungus Thrower Yes Yes Yes
Hoglin Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Archer Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Armored Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Armored Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Fungus Thrower Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Enderman Yes Yes Yes
Raid Captain Yes Yes Yes


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Soul Robe Yes Yes Yes
Blast Fungus No Yes Yes
Death Cap Mushroom Yes Yes Yes
Powershaker Yes Yes Yes
Shock Powder Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Boneclub No Yes Yes
Sickles No No Yes
Soul Knife Yes Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Twisting Vine Bow Yes Yes Yes

Strider Sounds[]



  • Strider sounds can be heard throughout the level.
  • Enchanted mobs may excessively spawn at the beginning, causing possible lag and crashes on low end devices, and making it very difficult to progress further without powerful gear.
  • There are plenty of Blue Nethershrooms in this location. When players walk onto them, they'll explode into blue fog which can deal damage to the player and it's similar to the blue fog the Fungus Thrower makes.