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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
Void Touched

The void touched effect is a negative effect in Minecraft Dungeons coming to the Echoing Void DLC where the it multiplies all incoming damage upon being affected.


Void Touched can be obtained from contact with molten void found in the environment of The End. A similar effect, Voided, can be obtained by coming into contact with condensed void.


When the hero is Void Touched, they take damage and any damage done to the hero will be multiplied, which would lead to the hero's defeat.


Minecraft Dungeons
July 18, 2021A End exclusive effect is revealed by one of the devs and told of its effects on the hero, and how it is obtained. It was given the conjecture name of Void Touched.
July 21, 2021The name of the effect was revealed to be Void Touched.[1] Void Touched.