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For the hostile mob in Minecraft, see Vindicator.
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Natural equipment

A Vindicator is a common illager and hostile mob equipped with an axe. It is found on most levels in Minecraft Dungeons.


The vindicator's appearance in Minecraft Dungeons is similar to its default counterpart, but with a slightly brightened texture, and their arms are never seen together, unlike in the base game.



A Vindicator attacks the player on sight. It usually moves faster than other melee mobs. If it sees a player, it charges and attacks with an axe.

Although Vindicators have high movement speed, they have more delay than other melee mobs when attacking. Their attack speed is slightly slower than zombies but deal more damage and are tougher.

Taunt Circle

If a vindicator standing is standing in a taunt circle and getting hurt, they become aggressive and deal more damage to the player.

Target Locked

Vindicators lock onto the player if they run more than 15 blocks away.


Power Min Health
1 12
4 20.4
10 32.4
16 49.2
22 66
27 88.8
33 118.8
39 153.6
45 196.8
51 253.2
56 343.2
62 465.6
68 628.8
74 807.6
80 1036.8
86 1330.8
91 1812
97 2458.8
103 3331.2





Before the Arch-Illager appeared, the Vindicators were the basic illager soldiers, guarding the Woodland Mansions and participating in raids, after Archie keeps the Orb of Dominance, the Vindicators (and Pillagers) leaded by the Evokers Thord and Walda joined the Arch-Illager's army, patrolling now the Highblock Keep; the Fiery Forge; Redstone Mines and participating in raids, now with the help of Redstone Golems and Monstrosities. After the main characters defeat the Arch-Illager, they traveled to other areas of the Mainland and even other dimensions, where the Vindicators can also be found, it's unknown if the illagers were already there before the Arch-Illager's fall.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaVindicator (Dungeons).png Added the Vindicator. new "taunt circle + lock" behavior for Vindicators.
Reduced charge speed.
Reduced melee ticks to 2 (was 3).
Added behavior which makes them go aggressive when hurt when standing in taunt circle.
They now get locked on the player if they run away > 15 blocks.



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