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A TIME FOR HEROES – By the Arch-Illager’s decree, we Villagers are now enemies of the Illager empire. As its forces emerge from the dark of forests and caverns and raid our lands, we have but one hope: you. Our fate lies in your hands, brave hero!

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

A villager is a non-attackable passive mob. Villagers are non-player characters (NPCs) in the main story of Minecraft Dungeons.


In the main story, villagers were responsible for exiling the Arch-Illager from their village in the Squid Coast because of the Arch-Illager's barbaric culture, as he was an illager. In revenge, the Arch-Illager created his illager army, which kidnapped villagers, burned out of their homes, and took them as hostages. Villagers are being forced to work for the illager army as slaves, as can be seen within the Redstone Mines.


Villagers can be found imprisoned in fence gates within the Creeper Woods, where they are being shipped for labor. They can be seen later in the intro for the Pumpkin Pastures within the last hearth, and being forced to work for the illagers within the Redstone Mines. Two villagers can also be seen in the intro for the Fiery Forge, where they are being followed by a vindicator. Statues of villagers can also be found within the Creepy Crypt although they are hard to spot. Statues can also be seen within the Jungle Awakens missions, particularly within the Overgrown Temple, and on the left arm of the jungle abomination. They can also be found imprisoned within a secret location within the Frosted Fjord as well as within the five hanging cages of The Stronghold.


Villager Freed
Haggle (Player ask for trade)
"No" (Cancel the trade)
"Yes" (Accept the trade)

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Melee weapons[]

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  • Great Axeblade — A lucky blacksmith turned a workshop blunder into a battlefield wonder, fusing two weapons into something new.
  • Great Hammer — Blacksmiths and soldiers alike use the Great Hammer for its strength in forging and in battle.
  • Sheer Daggers — Even the simplest of farmers can wield these Sheer Daggers with savage results.

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  • Champion's Armor — Given to the champions of the Overworld by the free villagers as a token of their thanks for many years of protection and assistance. The mark of a true hero.
  • Hero's Armor — Given to the highest caliber of heroes, the hero's armor is a precious gift from the villagers.

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