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Village Merchant
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This merchant sells common and rare items at a fair price.

In-game description

The village merchant appears in the Camp after being rescued by the player in Creeper Woods.


The village merchant wears a green robe with a hood that covers the upper-right side of its forehead. Its hood has sewn lines around it. It is also seen wearing a monocle, and seen holding an object used to find hidden details in maps. It also wears a leather belt around its waist and dark brown pants and boots. Unlike normal villagers, this merchant possesses light grey eyes and a monobrow.


The village merchant is a villager that sells common and rare items near the player's power level at a rather cheap price, but it can be somewhat expensive if they are rare artifacts. This merchant has a rare chance of selling uniques, which is impacted by Luck of the Sea. To unlock other slots in the merchant’s stall, the player must save a certain number of villagers.


Haggle (Player ask for trade)
"No" (Cancel the trade)
"Yes" (accept the trade)


Minecraft Dungeons Keeper.pngAdded the village merchant.


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  • The power level of the player is determined upon entering the camp; therefore, if the player equips items with higher power levels in the camp, it does not count toward the power level when trading with the village merchant.