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  • Add the health of guardian vexes.
Vexing Chant
Vexing Chant (MCD).png

Filter consume default.png Artifact


Common Common Rare Rare

Summon Guardian Vexes who will fight by your side for a short while.

In-game description

A vexing chant is an artifact in Minecraft Dungeons added in the Echoing Void DLC that summons three guardian vexes upon use that attack any nearby mobs with a mace. Like most summonable mobs, they disappear after a short while.


The vexing chant appears as a tattered page containing illegible text accompanied by a "vitruvian man" style illustration of a summoned guardian vex. The depicted vex is distinct from an evoker's vex, possibly suggesting that one of the two spells has been modified.





A vexing chant can summon three guardian vexes that can aid the hero in defeating mobs, like most summonable mobs.


  • X summon damage
  • 30 second cooldown

Guardian Vex[]

Guardian Vex
Purple Vex-like Enderling.png

Passive (Heroes & Passive mobs)
Hostile (Enemies)

A guardian vex is a ghostlike mob that can be summoned with a vexing chant. It was added in the Echoing Void DLC.


Three guardian vexes can be summoned by using a vexing chant.


A guardian vex is a very small mob, around the size of a vex and similar in appearance to it, with the exception that its skin is a light pinkish color, has large yellow eyes, small ears, and smaller and thinner wings. They are also seen carrying a mace which they use to smash enemies.



Being a summonable mob, they attack any mobs near the hero, where they use their mace to smash them into the ground. Similar to bees or soul entities, they die after a while, but unlike them, they take constanst damage until they die, similar to the vexes from the main Minecraft game.


Vexing chant is used
Vexing chant drops
Vexing chant is picked up
Vexing chant equipped
Guardian vex flies
Guardian vex attacks
Guardian vex dies


Minecraft Dungeons
July 22, 2021Three Purple Vex-like Mobs are seen following the hero in the Gauntlet of Gales showcase. Were previously unnamed.[1]
July 23, 2021More of the Purple Vex-like Mobs are seen in-game, as well as being summoned by the hero, revealing that they're passive mobs. Chant (MCD).pngPurple Vex-like Enderling.pngAdded vexing chants and guardian vexes.

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the vexing chant is known internally as the LostEvocation.
  • In the game files, the guardian vex is known internally as the Seravex.