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Summoned by the Evoker

Natural equipment

Vexes are flying hostile mobs found in Minecraft Dungeons.


For it to spawn, the evoker has to be within the range of the player and it spawns as one of the evoker's spells. They would usually spawn in groups of five.


The Vex's appearance in Dungeons is almost the same as its original appearance in the base game, with the only difference is it being more luminescent and glowing unlike its normal, default counterparts, as well as having darker colored cracks on its skin and shorter wings. Another key difference is that when attacking, the cracks now appear as a flaming orange rather than white.


Unlike the base game, the vex attacks like any normal enemy, with it not being able to go through blocks. There is no limit to the number of vexes following the player. Vexes are also the only other entity in the game that can roll, besides dead mobs and Redstone Cubes. They can only roll while attacking or idle.


Power Min Health
1 10
4 17
10 27
16 41
22 55
27 74
33 99
39 128
45 164
51 211
56 286
62 388
68 524
74 673
80 864
86 1109
91 1510
97 2049
103 2776

Ancient Hunts.png The Seeking Flame[edit]

The arena where the The Seeking Flame is summoned and battled at.

The Seeking Flame is the ancient variant of the Vex encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of . The ancient resides within a Desert Temple-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

3 Enchanted Evokers act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the The Seeking Flame, a gilded variant of the Axe, Soul Knife, Evocation Robe or any of their uniques will drop as a reward.