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For the Final Boss’ pre-reconstructed form, see Heart of Ender.
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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
Vengeful Heart of Ender
Vengeful Heart of Ender.png


The Vengeful Heart of Ender is the final boss of the Echoing Void DLC. It is found within the Broken Citadel.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

After being defeated by the heroes at the Obsidian Pinnacle, the Heart of Ender was seemingly defeated. But, as shown in the final cutscene, the shattered Orb of Dominance is shown to be putting itself back together into larger shards.

These shards in that cutscene were found by two endermen, who took it back with them to the end, sending six Endersent, who would later become enchanted by the eyes of ender, to de-activate the portal so that no one could follow the remnant of the orb. Back in the end, the orb remnant reformed itself into an imperfect form due to the mysterious energy of The End, known in the game files as the Imperfect Heart of Ender. This form stalks the hero throughout the End Wilds and the Broken Citadel.

Finally, at the End Shrine, the Imperfect Heart of Ender transforms into the Heart of Ender's final and perfect form, the Vengeful Heart of Ender. The heroes manage to defeat it, and the last remains of the Orb of Dominance are finally destroyed. The heroes then return to the overworld through an exit portal and celebrate the end of the Orb's dominance.


Upon reaching the End Shrine, it undergoes a transformation, where it becomes larger and more monstrous, now possessing eyes throughout most of its black segments, four small legs, a long neck, and a head possessing two long horns with the tips lit with purple flames, along with its jaw. It then gains an extra eye and jagged teeth.


Upon encountering the Vengeful Heart of Ender at its shrine, a cutscene plays where it opens and enters a large portal and then emerging in its final form. Upon its death, a cutscene plays where the eyes on its body shoot lasers uncontrollably, slicing its body apart in the process, losing its power. After a few seconds, it topples over and slowly disintegrates into dust with its ashes blowing away into the obscurity of The End to be lost forever. It has eight behaviors that are used in a random order:


The Vengeful Heart of Ender quickly charges at the hero, dealing constant damage if they are in its way.

Void bombs[]

The Vengeful Heart of Ender spins its body segments around, similar to Heart of Ender, shooting out several projectiles which fall to the ground, lingering for a moment. Instead of leaving purple flames behind, the projectiles will explode in a large radius. This attack also flings condensed void at random spots nearby, which expand when it hits the ground, but disappears afterward.

Endermite Scatter[]

The Vengeful Heart of Ender shakes, and several endermites come off of it. Some of these endermites are enchanted with Sharpness, giving them 33% more health than naturally spawning ones.

Endermite feast[]

The Vengeful Heart of Ender can also shake and cause any endermites that are still alive to go back to the Vengeful Heart and if they do, the boss is healed by 1/128 per endermite.

Void Pool[]

The Vengeful Heart of Ender becomes invincible and invulnerable and goes to the center of the arena, covering it in a void shroud, then does one of two attacks:

Void pull and Void spew[]

It begins sucking heroes toward it and, after a few seconds, explodes, dealing massive damage. This attack is performed three times in a row, and can only be used twice in a single battle. While this attack is active, additional endermites are constantly summoned by the boss, but they are not effected by the sucking or explosion.

Laser pinwheel[]

Several void crystals erupt from around the edges of the arena, and the Vengeful Heart of Ender begins shooting many energy projectiles off of its body segments in circle formations. Each deals energy projectiles heavy damage. The void crystals reflects any oncoming projectiles that hits them in a random direction, making it harder to avoid and can last more then 10 seconds. The lower amount of Hp it has, the more projectiles it shoots, making it even more harder to avoid and is the boss's most powerful attack.

Imperfect Heart of Ender[]

Imperfect Heart of Ender
Imperfect Heart of Ender.png


The Imperfect Heart of Ender is the first and less powerful form of the Vengeful Heart of Ender. Throughout the DLC, the Imperfect Heart of Ender crawls around the missions, stalking the hero.


Before entering the Broken Citadel, the Vengeful Heart of Ender first appears as a long black centipede-like creature with a segmented body, a pink energy connecting between each of them, six small legs, several pink spots all around its body and has a small two-horned head with two pink eyes and mouth.


The Imperfect Heart of Ender will stalk the hero while going to the Citadel Shrine. In the End Wilds and Broken Citadel missions, it can be seen crawling around, usually setting off ambush events. In cutscenes, it is also shown to be able to create portals to transport it to places quickly.


Power Min Health Power Level
1 1440 Default 1
68 15000 Adventure 7 and Apocalypse 1


Melee Gear
Ranged Gear



Boss Theme Loop
Boss Theme End (Unused)
Post-Boss Theme

Vengeful Heart of Ender[]

Drag Voice
Generic Loop
Laser Shot
Magic Chimes
Endermite Feast In
Endermite Scatter In
Endermite Scatter Loop
Endermite Scatter Out
Endermite Spawn

Imperfect Heart of Ender[]



Minecraft Dungeons
July 12, 2021The Echoing Void DLC’s boss’s appearance was revealed in the official artwork of the Echoing Void logo. Was previously unnamed.
July 23, 2021In the Echoing Void Dev Diaries, one of the developers referred to the Echoing Void DLC’s boss as the Vengeful Heart of Ender.[1] Heart of Ender.png Added the imperfect heart of ender and the vengeful heart of ender.


  • The soundtrack for the boss is called "Broken Heart of Ender".[2]
  • In the game files, the Vengeful Heart of Ender is referred to as "PerfectForm", referring to the Orb of Dominance itself exerting its full power.
    • In the sound files, it is also referred to as "FinalForm", referring to the Orb of Dominance's final form.
    • Additionally, its appearance before the boss fight is referred to as "ImperfectForm".
  • In its imperfect form when it is seen crawling around the level, cave ambience is heard when it appears.
  • The second Drag Voice sound is a distorted voice saying, "Beginning". A similar version of it also appears in the stronghold's intro cutscene.
  • This, along with the Ancient Guardian, are the only two bosses that can become invulnerable and have an intro cutscene.