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The term utility bar in Minecraft Dungeons refers to the bar where the hero can see the amount of health in their heart, enchantment points, arrows in their quiver, souls, emeralds and experience levels they have. It also lets them use their artifacts, map, health potions as well as teleporting to other heroes and rolling.

Health heart[]

Health heart
Dungeons Health Meter.png


HEART – Tracks your current health – if it’s almost empty, chug a potion to top it back up again.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The term health heart in Minecraft Dungeons refers to the icon that measures how much damage the hero is able to take before they die.


Appears at the center bottom of the screen with all other parts of the utility bar.


The hero has 100 health points by default, but it can be increased by wearing armor. The hero can have up to 2190093 health points (level 255 armor) in total. Health can be Regenerated by eating food, using artifacts like the Soul Healer or the Totem of Regeneration, auras like the life steal aura which is naturally found on Grim Armor, Wither Armor and Spider Armor, through certain enchantments like the Leeching, radiance, Radiance Shot, Regeneration, Heal Allies and Anima Conduit enchantments, or by drinking the healing potion in their hotbar. Some mobs can have much more health than the hero, and can regenerate it if they are enchanted. In the camp, and in the Squid Coast tutorial mission, heroes have an unlimited amount of lives. Otherwise, heroes only have three lives in all other missions. When the hero is on low health, the screen will have a red outline and a heartbeat sound will start playing in the background. If a hero runs out of health, they die and can be revived three times. Additionally, if the hero dies again while they have no more lives, the mission will be failed and the hero will be returned instantly to the camp.

Soul meter[]

Soul Meter


The term soul meter, also called the soul gauge and the soul bar, refers to the bar that keeps track of the amount of souls the hero has.


Appears at the bottom left of the screen, under the artifact selection.


The hero will always start with zero souls in the Soul Meter and will start to go up once the hero collects souls. The maximum amount of souls the hero can have at one time is 50 souls but, even if the soul meter is full, souls will still drop from mobs and will look to be going into the hero’s soul meter even though the souls are not.


Health heart[]

Death Screen
Hero Respawns
Hero Respawn Bass


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaSoulMeter.pngDungeons Health Meter.pngAdded the utility bar, the soul meter, and the health heart.