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Soggy Swamp[]

Soggy Swamp is a level in Minecraft Dungeons. At the least, it can be the second level played. It is not required to beat the game, yet has many items needed later in the game like Harvesters and Glaives. While greatly helping for levels like Desert Temple and Redstone Mines as well as unlocking Soggy Cave, it is not recommended to play this level alone, though still possible.


While those that just came from Creeper Woods may not have a lot of options, the following items are recommended for those with a lot of different choices:

  • Note that this level does not require very specific equipment, so use your highest level equipment and do not enchant equipment specifically for this level.
  • An armor that does not have high roll cooldowns like Reinforced Mail does, but rather Glow Squid Armor or Black Wolf Armor.
    • Acrobat, a high level Electrified, or Multiroll are good enchantments for rolling away from witches.
  • The melee weapon does not need to be extremely fast, but the Great Hammer is where it starts to get too slow. An Axe might be a good idea because of its spin move.
    • Enchantments are not necessarily needed, like with the ranged, but ideas for higher levels include Refreshment and Dynamo.
  • To deal with slimes, the range weapon should have some power on it, but does not need to be very specific, like a Longbow.
  • Good artifacts include a Soul Healer or a Fireworks Arrow, especially for the Enderman. Don't get items that a mob can avoid, like Scatter Mines. Like the equipment, artifacts are not too specific.

The Swamp[]

When you enter, you will notice that this level is somewhat like Creeper Woods. There are three enemies that are different. The first one you will encounter is the Baby Zombie. It's like a standard zombie, except that it moves much quicker and deals less damage. If you are killing other zombies, don't turn around until the adult ones are killed. If you are running up on skeletons, however, you should kill the baby zombie first. Next, you will find the Witch. It can usually live past a couple. of hits. Focus your fire on these. Whenever it attacks, it will throw a potion at you. When it does, roll toward it. Where it threw the potion has an AoE effect that depletes your health the longer you stand in it. Next shoot arrows or charge at the witch. It moves at about the speed of a vindicator, so charging may not be a good idea if there are skeletons or other mobs nearby and may take a couple of seconds. The Slime is also a new mob. It moves at around the pace of a zombie. If you have a lot of arrows, shoot it, but otherwise attack some other mobs and wait for it to come to you. Like the witches, they can withstand a couple of hits, so fully charge your shots. When they are killed, they split into two smaller slimes, which in turn split when killed. The smaller ones are usually safe to hit and only have a little bit of health compared to the big slime. Also, as you go, you will have to destroy cauldrons. These function similar to levers and cauldrons, giving you emeralds and letting you move to the next section.

The Cave[]

When you find a cave, stop. Wait for your health to recover if it isn't already full and recharge your artifacts. If you don't have a powerful bow, get one. Also get an artifact that does damage, like a Harvester. Then go into the cave. The screen will start to blur and become distorted. This effect only lasts for a few seconds, so try to see through it. You will then find a boss, the Enderman. Immediately throw TNT at it, if you have any, and do it before you damage it. Then shoot arrows at it. You may have to roll out of the way if it comes close. It punches at you until it gets to half health or so. Then, it teleports and hits you. Use arrows at the first part, because he may teleport away from your arrows later.If you're taking too much damage, get to the edge of the arena and use a pet artifact like Tasty Bone to distract it. You also may notice a Piggy Bank. Do not attack it until later, because it's too hard to kill an enderman and piggy bank at the same time. Once it's dead, reequip the weapons you had before. In the cave, it's easy to get lost and not be on the correct bridge, so if you're playing on console, pull up the map usually on the down button on the left side of the controller. On desktop, make sure you know where the path is. Other than the bridges, this is in general the same as before.

The Corrupted Cauldron[]

When you come to the supply chest, get ready. Go southwest on the map. There should be two doors. Go to the most southwestern one. It should have smooth stone around it. You will be ambushed for a couple rounds before finding the scroll to Soggy Cave. Then, even if it isn't there, go back to the supply chest area. From here, equip the below items according to your strategy. Eventually, when outside the cave, you will come across an arena with the wall down. It's the only wall after the cave, so shop here and pull up your inventory.

Strategies to defeat the Cauldron[]


H = healer(has either wolf armor or soul healer, can be like M but armor potentially, also may have totems, light weapons, mostly stays back, usually gets swiftness)

M = melee(has a good melee weapon and/or armor/enchantments in favor of the melee, heavy range, light melee, good armor, AoE artifacts, usually gets strength/shadow/health)

R = range(like M but range weapons, light melee, heavy range, pet/arrow artifacts, usually gets arrows/health)

N = N/A(nothing particularly good)

L = roll(like M but rolling, also decent at M, can get strength/shadow/swiftness)

= Cauldron

4 Players[]

  • Divide and Conquer
    • Each player should have a heavy bow and a sword with some power. At least one player should be H. All others should be N. Use whatever armor absorbs the most damage or projectiles. They should go in from all four corners. When a player runs low on health, H should come and heal that player while the other two switch position so that they are on opposite sides until the player is healed. If a player dies, all four players should come together with one reviving, H healing the Ns, and the other destroying mobs that come near. The players should all fire arrows at the cauldron and hit pink slimes with melee. H should stand back.
  • 4 Player RM
    • 2 players should be M, the other two should be R. It should look like this:R M M R When a M runs low on health, an R should aim at pink slimes instead of the cauldron while the M heals. If the R is taking heavy damage, the M should come and kill melee mobs while the R takes out slimes. Ms should attack regular mobs and the cauldron while Rs should attack slimes and the cauldron if their arrow artifact is ready.
    • Variation: MMRH
      • Looks like previous, but a H instead of an R. Also, the H stays more in a corner and shoots arrows at/hits common enemies while running in circles to avoid the pink slimes until someone runs low on health. If the R gets hurt, one M stays nearby while the other one attacks from the other side.
  • Rock and Roll
    • RRLL. The Rs stay back while the Ls roll occasionally while killing pink slimes. The Rs focus on the Cauldron when artifacts are charged, otherwise common. When an L runs low on health, they get in a corner with the Rs. It looks like this:


    • Variation:MRLL
      • The M gets in front of the R, but they stay somewhat close while the Ls roll around. M gets common enemies, R goes for the Cauldron.
  • All in One
    • RMHL. The R and H stay together, the M goes in front, and the L rolls around. H shoots common, L slimes, M common, R Cauldron. If L is injured, R shoots slimes.

3 Players[]

  • HRM
    • H shoots common, M hits common and slime, R shoots slime and occasionally Cauldron. All three are on the same side of the arena.
  • Roll
    • RLL,Like Rock and Roll
  • 3 Way Strafe
    • NNN, all 3 circle the cauldron . When one is injured, it goes in a corner and the other two do Double Down

2 Players[]

  • 2 Player RM
    • Like 4 player RM, but they strafe and stay somewhat together
  • NN
    • Both players strafe and shoot at the Cauldron when they get the chance, similar to 1 Player but on opposite sides

1 Player[]

As stated before, this is the hardest way to beat the Cauldron, but it is possible. Be an N. If you have a high level pet, use that to somewhat split the enemy fire. Equip something that does heavy damage, like a Harvester. Also have something to slow down enemies, like a Fishing Rod or Boots of Swiftness. Make sure you have either a high power bow or Fireworks Arrow. Strafe around the arena the entire way. When an armored vindicator comes, either use the boots or fishing rod or just take it down. Stay away from the slimes and keep on the outside. If you have a clear shot, use something like a Fireworks arrow if you have one or supercharge your bow if possible. This is harder on console, where it's harder to control bow shots.Keep going around until you eventually kill the Cauldron. If you have full health or something like Potion Barrier, use it and charge for the cauldron. Retreat when you are starting to take heavy damage and start circling again.


  • Keep in mind that the Cauldron will occasionally heal itself, so don't wait too long to attack it.
  • The Cauldron will fire pink slimes in your direction, but when it does, it deletes some existing ones, so if you're getting bombarded, go around the cauldron.
  • When you charge, the cauldron will also burn you along with the slimes firing at you, so keep that in mind.
  • Remember to rescue the gift wrapper when you defeat the cauldron.

The Rune[]

If you're playing in Adventure Mode or Apocalypse, remember to hit the button at the tower at the end to get the Soggy Swamp rune for the Minecraft Dungeons:Church.

What's Next[]

After the Cauldron and the Rune, you're pretty much at the end. While Soggy Swamp doesn't unlock anything directly, if you were lucky enough to get the scroll, you now have access to Soggy Cave. If you didn't get it: here are some suggestions to do next:Pumpkin Pastures if you don't have good enough gear for the next difficulty level yet, orRedstone Mines or Cacti Canyon to move on with the story. (Redstone Mines also has a tutorial at Minecraft Dungeons:Tutorials/Defeating Redstone Mines.) Also, you could try Creepy Crypt if you got the scroll from Creeper Woods.