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Minecraft Dungeons:Tutorials/Defeating Redstone Mines[]

This image shows a brief glance of what Redstone Mines looks like. It is the image used on the loading screen.

The loading screen for Redstone Mines

Redstone Mines is a level in Minecraft Dungeons. It can be, at the very least, the third level played. Defeating Redstone Mines is required in order to advance to Fiery Forge. Despite being a somewhat easy level, especially in Default, if you don't watch the tracks, you might end up plummeting to your death.


Before you leave camp, make sure you have something like the following items:

Try messing around with these items at camp. If you got any enchantments, those especially before setting out.


Like most levels, you should attempt this level at a MCD:Difficulty that is one level less than your highest-power item.


Redstone Mines is located towards the top right hand corner of the map if you haven't unlocked levels like the Fiery Forge. Before you go, here's what you'll be facing. It'll start out light like Squid Coast. As you move on, you'll start seeing the volume turn up. You'll get swarmed by Zombies and Vindicators. For the first time, Mob Spawners show up, you'll free villagers, and you'll rescue the Blacksmith. So let's get started!

The Main Level[]

You'll notice that this part is very lightly sprinkled with zombies. As you progress, you run into vindicators, skeletons, creepers, spiders, etc. You should know how to deal with this from Creeper Woods. But you will see a couple of Minecarts. They'll run over you if you approach, so make sure you look both ways. Then, you will run into the Villagers. Again, this isn't the first time you've seen this. Pretty soon, you will also run into cave spiders. These are almost exactly like the spiders from Creeper woods, but when they bite you, you are additionally damaged from poison over a small period of time. Somewhere around here, you will also see the Evoker. If you haven't played Pumpkin Pastures, they summon three Vexes, wielding swords and more health than the mobs you've just encountered. Fire arrows (if you equipped it, firework arrows) at the Evoker, but focus your melee and maybe a couple of arrows on the vexes. If the evoker extends their arms at you, roll to the side. They are sending fangs at you. These might either be a circle around them or a line straight at you. Regardless, just roll and fling arrows at him until the wall collapses or cut straight to them. Eventually, they will be defeated. After this, there will be some mob spawners. They spawn zombies every time they shake. Run toward them when all the zombies are dead, and step back when it looks like it's shaking. These shouldn't be as hard as the Evoker, but it's fine to use a couple of arrows. Also, when you see the surface, you're about 2/3 of the way. Start stockpiling arrows.

The Golem[]

By the time you get to a semi-long corridor, stop. There's only one of these, so it's nearly impossible to mistake it. Take this time to let artifacts cool down, your health potion recover, and change out your inventory. The best things for this are:

  • Any melee that deals a lot of damage
  • Whatever ranged weapon and enchantments you have that deal the most damage. You will be using your bow a lot more, however.
    • Multiple arrow enchantments like Multishot have no use, so just ones that deal damage like Fuse Shot.
  • The Redstone Golem

    An image of the Redstone Golem

    Either whatever armor resists most damage or range/artifact boosters like Hunter's Armor
  • A single-target damage artifact like Lightning Rod.
  • Soul Healer if possible, otherwise nearly anything else will work.
  • It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the Death Cap Mushroom or Boots of Swiftness.
An image of the player freeing the Blacksmith.

The player freeing the Blacksmith

Once you're ready, exit the corridor. Archie will summon the boss of Redstone Mines, Redstone Golem. During the animation, flee to the nearest corner. When the animation finishes, start firing arrows, fully charging if you have a bow or holding down if you have a crossbow. By the time that the golem gets close, run. From here, if it plunges both fists into the ground, run to it and hit it while it summons mines. When the golem looks done, use the mushroom/boots of swiftness to get out of there quick before it flings you into the lava. Stay somewhat away from the glowing orbs and the golem and you should be fine. Keep doing this until he dies. But when it does die, take a sharp right before the exit. You'll come across the Blacksmith at the first road to the right. After this, just keep going to the end. And like that, Redstone Mines is defeated.