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Obsidian Pinnacle is the final level in the base game of Minecraft Dungeons. It involves most of the mobs from Highblock Halls as well Archie. It is one of the hardest levels of the game and has a minimum difficulty of V. Defeating this level unlocks the Church at Minecraft Dungeons:Camp, Minecraft Dungeons:Ancient Hunts, and either Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. Like most levels with bosses, this level is much easier with more players. Make sure to read the entire guide before playing.


Note:this is the gear for the level itself, not the bosses.

  • A melee weapon with at least medium range as well as somewhat high speed.
    • If you can time your attack to avoid the Royal Guards, you could risk a heavier, slower weapon. However, note that it takes a whole hit to destroy the shield, rather than destroying the shield and hitting an extra hit before having a comfortable amount of time to flee with a faster weapon.
    • If you have a soul-related melee, get Enigma Resonator. Even if you can't get it, bring it if you have a soul-related item.
  • A ranged weapon with lots of arrows and/or Multishot. A bow is better because it can be supercharged for Royal Guards, but don't hesitate to bring out that Scatter Crossbow if you have one.
  • An armor that enhances ranged power, while still giving lots of health.
  • A quiver artifact like Fireworks Arrow works well with multi shot.
    • A Corrupted Beacon also works, though you may want some practice or a soul gatherer. You also may need one for the Heart of Ender.
  • Soul Lanterns and Wonderful Wheat are also extremely helpful in diverting enemy fire as well as wearing out the royal guards' shields. Just expect them to die really soon. Tasty Bones and Iron Golems also work, but are more likely to get killed by the pillagers before they even get to the enemy.
    • On that note, bee-related enchantments are also really helpful, if you have any space. Even though they get killed sooner, they have more numbers splitting the fire and they are easily replaceable.
  • You may also want something to replenish your health, like a Soul Healer.
    • Consumable enchantments also work to replenish health, but Radiance tends to be slightly better if you can spare the enchantment points.

The Mobs[]

Royal Guards[]

Royal Guards are the hardest part of most of the level. They are about as quick as a vindicator, have more health, a mace, and a shield, and deal much more damage. Like with most above-average mobs, you should avoid killing these first if you can. You should hit them with an arrow first to get rid of the shield, then charge up and hit them with a melee. When you hit them, note the attack patterns. Get somewhat close and then charge away just in time to avoid the mace, then get a blow in before dodging the next strike. Do not roll, because this is far too uncontrollable and the guard will strike next long before the roll is recharged, leaving you much slower and less likely to dodge it.


Pillagers should be familiar from prior levels. They should be targeted first. If you have a multi shot enchantment, this can help cut down a group of them. Otherwise, you can also charge up to them somewhat safely, while watching out for Royal Guards. You should attack the less armored ones first.


Vindicators have always been there since Squid Coast. You should charge at pillagers instead, but if one comes up to you, quickly turn around and kill it. The more armored ones should not be targeted over the regular ones.


Enchanters are the other hard part of most of the level. They should be targeted even before pillagers. An enchanted mob has 7 times the health and usually deals somewhere around twice the damage. They may spawn in groups, in which case you should definitely release any TNT and charge. Use all available artifacts to kill large groups, because the last thing you want is an enchanted royal guard.

The Level[]

The Outside[]

The only thing not in high block halls that you should note about this level is the pistons. It can sometimes be hard to get on, and make the map look more confusing. Note that mobs can suddenly disappear by jumping on one, or that by jumping on one you may find yourself in the middle of a group of mobs. After a while, you should get the hang of it. There are also 2 Redstone golems waiting around here. You can recognize it by the obsidian, water, and lava. Try to defeat one at a time by luring only one toward you, then defeating it like you did in Redstone Mines.


Later, you'll find an entrance. Take this time to recover. You will find a miniboss (e.g. evoker or redstone golem) inside, along with more royal guards and pillagers. There are no pistons indoors. Also, if you've unlocked the church yet, you'll find a library in there. Go to it and interact with a book there. When you do, a door will open. When you go in, you'll find a gold and obsidian chest along with a rune. Also, from then on, you'll just find a whole bunch of what you found back before outside, up until you find two pistons next to each other on top of the tower. There, stop. This is where you'll fight Archie.

The Bosses[]


From here, there are two strategies. They are:

Shield Strategy[]

This strategy involves having a totem of shielding going constantly to protect you from the Heart of Ender. Here's the stats:

  • Each totem of shielding has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Shields start out with 5 seconds of shielding, and are added on as is shown under Totem of Shielding, so you probably need 3 or 4 on default.
  • The Cooldown enchantment reduces artifact cooldown by 18%, 29%, and 37%. This means 16.4, 14.2, and 12.6 seconds of cooldown, respectively, reducing the total to 2-3.
  • Evocation robes reduce cooldown by 40%, leaving 12 seconds. If you're lucky to have Cooldown on a robe, that reduces it further to 7.56 seconds on level 3 enchantment, which a single Adventure or Apocalypse level totem could cover.
  • Enchantments like Cooldown Shot can reduce up to 1.5 seconds, meaning that if you had a cooldown evocation robe and shot just 1 arrow, a typical level 33 totem could cover it. If you had just an evocation robe, it would take 4 arrows to cover it.

If you can survive the Arch-Illager, you are almost invulnerable to the heart of ender and some of Archie's and the pilligers' attacks. Also, do not use all 3 artifact slots on totems of shielding in case you run out of ammo. Instead, play with someone else either using voice chat or right next to them, because it's hard to communicate shield needs. For your artifact, bring a corrupted beacon if you have a bunch of souls. Otherwise, bring some kind of quiver. If you just happen to have a slot for dipping poison on your robe, use it. Get a heavy melee for the Arch-Illager. A quiver also works especially well if you have a heavy bow.

The Hard Strategy[]

Not everyone has 2 totems of shielding and an evocation robe and a cooldown shot bow just laying around. If you don't, try the harder strategy. If you have any totems of shielding or even a pretty high level evocation robe, bring it. Get a heavy melee to kill the arch-illager. The bow can vary more, depending on if you'll use it for pillagers. Bring a soul healer or some other healer, any enchantments that have to do with health potions also help. If you get a heavy bow, also get a quiver.

The Fight[]

Facing Archie should mostly be the same on both strategies. Charge up to him while dodging the projectiles and expect him to teleport behind your back. You could also stand in the middle, activate your totem, and shoot arrows/the corrupted beacon at him if you have a lot of arrows or a quiver. Once he dies, you'll find that he turns into the heart of ender. Here, the strategies split. With the shield strategy, go somewhere and fire at it. When the shield flickers, activate another one. Constantly use the quiver when you can. If you have dipping poison, drink a health potion, even if you don't need it. After it shoots its corrupted beacons from its mouth, run. The fireballs it'll shoot are immune to your shield. With the harder strategy, make a close circle around the heart of ender. When it shoots its beacons in a circle, the evocation robe will help you move fast enough to outrun it if you're in the center. In either strategy, unless you have a clear shot, don't charge the heart of ender. Once you defeat it, the level's over. Just follow the trail and the cutscene will cue. And like that, you've defeated Minecraft Dungeons.