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This starter guide provides advice for players who do not know how to begin their Minecraft Dungeons journey.

Controls and interface[]

Main article: MCD:Contr kiols


Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Left Mouse

Controller: Press L

Melee Attack and Interact[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Left Mouse

Controller: On Xbox and Switch Press A, On Play Station Press X

Ranged Attack[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Right Mouse

Controller: On Xbox Press RT, On Play Station Press L2, On Switch Press ZR

Use Item No.[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the 1, 2, and 3

Controller: On Xbox Press X, Y, and B, On Play Station Press Square, Triangle, And Circle, On Switch Press Press Y, X, and B


Mouse & Keyboard: Press the E

Controller: On Xbox Press LB, On Play Station Press L1, On Switch Press L


Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Spacebar

Controller: On Xbox Press RB, On Play Station Press R1, On Switch Press R

Directional Roll[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Thumb Mouse Button

Controller: Press R

Pause Menu[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the Esc

Controller: On Xbox Press Start/Menu, On Play Station Press Options, On Switch Press +

Open Inventory[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the I

Controller: Press Up

Read Map[]

Mouse & Keyboard: Press the M

Controls and interface Overview[]


Main article: MCD:Inventory
A Open Inventory

A Open Inventory

The inventory consists of 300 slots the player can scroll through, used for melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor, artifacts, and cosmetics. When the inventory contains at least 270 items, a message stating the slots in use appears at the bottom of the screen. The low capacity message disappears if the amount of items lowers and the inventory is re-opened.


Main article: MCD:Weapon

Weapons are used to attack and defeat mobs in Missions. You get a Sword for melee and a Bow for ranged upon starting the game, or when you had no weapons equipped in those slots.