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This article is about the upcoming hostile mob in Minecraft Dungeons. For the regular hostile mob in Minecraft Dungeons, see Wraith. For the final boss of the Creeping Winter DLC, see Wretched Wraith.
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Tower Wraith
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A tower wraith is an undead hostile ghost-like mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a stronger variant of the wraith.


Tower wraiths are undead ghost-like mobs that resemble a skeleton but composed of a skull and a small rib cage. Unlike the normal wraith, the tower wraith wears armor similar to the tower guards with black robes. They also have a poisonous variant wearing green robes, both of these variants often seen with the tower guard's cape behind them.



A tower wraith, like its original counterpart, attacks the hero using flames. Unlike the normal wraith, however, these wraiths summon green flames in an X formation. It is unknown if this green fire is more damaging than its original counterpart's soul fire. Like their original counterparts, tower wraiths can teleport away from the hero, but are able to be prevented from doing so if they are hit while teleporting. A variant of the tower wraith clad in green robes attacks similar to their black robed counterparts but whose attacks inflict the poisoned effect.


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Minecraft Dungeons
October 16, 2021The tower wraith is revealed in-game during the live as it attacks the hero with green flames. It is also revealed to spawn exclusively within The Tower.[1]
October 16, 2021Another video was shown in a Twitter post featuring the tower wraiths in The Tower.[2]
November 25, 2021A Twitter post featuring three tower wraiths reveals a new green variant that possesses poisonous abilities.[3]