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This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 
Tough piglin hunter
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Natural equipment

A tough piglin hunter is a tough piglin hunter variant that can be found within the flames of the nether DLC of Minecraft Dungeons.



Tough piglin hunters have two variants, the first variant is seen wearing a black armor set similar to tough piglins, one gold guard on its left arm and supporting a netherite helmet. The second variant wields a bluish armor set, two gold guards on its arms and a gold helmet, both of which uses a crossbow.


Tough piglin hunters, just like their normal counterparts spawn with a crossbow in which they use to shoot arrows at the hero, in the exact same way, and being armored means they have more health than their normal counterparts. unlike diamond tough pillagers and diamond tough vindicators, both tough piglin hunters can be stunned by normal attacks.


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Minecraft Dungeons
February 12, 2021A tough piglin hunter and its variant are seen in the Minecraft Dungeons Dev Diaries for the flames of the nether DLC. Piglin Hunter.pngArmored Piglin Hunter2.pngAdded tough piglin hunters.