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Totem of shielding
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Common Common Rare Rare

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This totem radiates powerful energy that bursts forth as a protective shield around those near it.

In-game description

This totem has mystical powers that shield those around it from projectiles.

In-game description

Legends say that this totem used to be of its own kind.

In-game description

TOTEM OF SHIELDING – When the Totem of Shielding is used, it emits a circular barrier that will protect you and your fellow warriors from enemy projectiles. It also grants 100 health points.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The totem of shielding is an artifact that can be found within the various missions of Minecraft Dungeons.



Listed difficulties are considered to be the minimum difficulty the item is obtainable on unless stated otherwise.



The totem of shielding is used to block enemy projectiles. When placed, a hexagon of yellow light forms around its position. Enemy projectiles are blocked from all directions, including the heart of ender's laser beams. Projectiles fired by heroes still pass through, with the exception of the Corrupted Beacon's laser beam, and mobs are not blocked from walking into the hexagon.


  • X seconds duration
  • 20 second cooldown
  • Grants 100 health points


Power Duration (sec)
1-2 5.0
2-5 5.1
5-8 5.2
8-11 5.3
11-13 5.4
13-16 5.5
16-20 5.6
20-23 5.7
23-26 5.8
26-29 5.9
29-32 6.0
32-36 6.1
36-39 6.2
39-42 6.3
42-45 6.4
45-48 6.5
48-51 6.6
51-54 6.7
54-57 6.8
57-60 6.9
60-63 7.0
63-66 7.1
66-69 7.2
69-72 7.3
72-75 7.4
75-78 7.5
78-81 7.6
81-84 7.7
84-87 7.8
87-90 7.9
90-93 8.0
93-96 8.1
96-99 8.2
100-103 8.3
103-106 8.4
106-108 8.5


Dome Activate
Dome Arrow Hit
Dome Arrow Hit Shing
Dome Arrow Layer
Dome Break
Deactivate Dome
Enter Dome
Exit Dome
Dome Shimmer


Minecraft Dungeons
June 9, 2019The totem of shielding is first demonstrated within the Minecraft Dungeons gameplay reveal trailer.
Nov 28, 2019The totem of shielding is demonstrated again within the Minecraft Dungeons extended gameplay demo.
Dungeons BetaTotem of Shielding (MCD).pngAdded the totem of shielding.