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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
The Stronghold
MCD Stronghold Loading Screen.png

The Stronghold is the first mission of the Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC. Unlike all other DLC missions before it, the mission can be found on the Mainland tab, on a very small island near the small continent.


A FORGOTTEN PORTAL – A long-abandoned Stronghold has suddenly become a hub of activity. That can only mean one thing - something ominous has awoken within. Solve the mystery that lies within to find the path forward.

In-game Story

The story is that the hero would need to get six Eyes of Ender from six Endersent that went to six various locations on the Mainland. These Locations are Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, Pumpkin Pastures, Cacti Canyon, Desert Temple, and Highblock Halls. To open the End Portal that resides in the Stronghold the hero must retrieve these eyes and bring them back. Once opened, the otherworldly map will be unlocked to interact in the “Other Dimensions” Tab. The first location on that map is the End Wilds[1].


What dark force conspires deep in the depths of this abandoned Stronghold? As you enter these depths, you start to feel as if the very void itself is watching. But now that you’ve begun, you must follow this path to the end — No matter where it leads.

In-game Intro


Main article: MCD:Objective
The Stronghold
  1. Find The End Portal.
Travel To The End
  1. Place The Eyes of The Ender.


The Stronghold is made up of stone bricks and wood. There are several pathways and brides over bottomless pits. The stone is covered with ripped blue carpets and Silverfish can be seen falling from the roof. In the middle of it all, the End Portal sits levitated over a pit of lava. Unlike the original game, though, it has two sets of stairways leading up to it. When the hero clicks on the portal it will make a banging sound, and if it is not activated, a menu will appear saying you need to collect the eyes of ender.

There are also paths leading away from the portal that are blocked off and say the following message if the hero clicks on them:

This Dungeon Is Sealed! Return to camp and search the Overworld for Eyes of Ender and return them to the End portal to explore the area beyond.

Blocked off Path



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Cinematic[note 1]
Endersent Yes Yes Yes
Orb Fragments Yes Yes Yes
Key Golem Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Villager Yes Yes Yes
Armored Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Armored Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Armored Trident Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Armored Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Cave Spider Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Endermite Yes Yes Yes
Necromancer Yes Yes Yes
Silverfish Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Vanguard Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Trident Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Wraith Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Mini Bosses
Drowned Necromancer Yes Yes Yes
Enderman Yes Yes Yes
Redstone Golem Yes Yes Yes
  1. Only appears the first time the mission icon is clicked


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Entertainer's Garb Yes Yes Yes
Evocation Robe No No Yes
Mystery Armor No No Yes
Soul Robe No Yes Yes
Spelunker Armor Yes Yes Yes
Thief Armor Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Burning Brew Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Double Axe Yes Yes Yes
Gauntlets No No Yes
Glaive No Yes Yes
Katana No Yes Yes
Mace Yes Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Scatter Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Shortbow No Yes Yes
Soul Crossbow Yes Yes Yes


Minecraft Dungeons Stronghold is available to be played.


  • The mission was first announced in the same video that revealed the official name of the Endersent.
  • The Stronghold has the largest and most versatile loot table, with more drops than any other mission up to this date.
    • It has the most amount of Obsidian Chests, which have a high chance of giving an unique item.
  • Besides the Squid Coast this is one of the only missions to have exactly the same layout every play through.
    • There are always five villagers that are trapped within cages inside the vault.
  • This is the only mission to:
    • Include the Double Axe and its unique counterparts, the Cursed Axe and the Whirlwind on default difficulty.
    • Not award any items when completed.
    • Transition directly to another level after completion.



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