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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC. 
Tempest Golem
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The tempest golem is a boss mob in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks that resides in the Gale Sanctum.


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Upon the shattering of the orb of dominance, one of its shards, landed atop the Howling Peaks. There, it discovered an ancient tempest golem, the ancient protector the gale sanctum. The golem resides solely within the tempest chamber of the gale sanctum. Upon the golem’s corruption, the wind around the island peaks became much more harsh as a result of the golem desiring to utilize a huge storm to end all life in the Overworld.

After making it to the tempest chamber, the hero activates the two wind pillars, which awakens the golem. After deactivating the pillars and damaging the golem several times, the shard is destroyed, therefore demolishing the tempest golem and hindering it of life, ending the storm and the story of the Howling Peaks DLC.


The Tempest Golem is a colossal golem-like mob. It is made of stone, has a golden back, and has windmill-like poles. Its head is square with a purple stud on its forehead, small eyes, and a big jaw. Jade banners can be seen hanging below the Golem's chin, and its front body possesses intricate etched lines and 4 jade blocks on each end of its body. Both of its arms possess giant gold swords with purple stripes going down the middle, plus its forearms are larger than its upper arms. The Tempest Golem also has a shard of the Orb of Dominance in its chest, which is covered by two jade-colored panels with a swirl symbol on them. These two panels are considered its shield, and it protects its shard with them. The golem appears to be 10 to 12 blocks tall (20 to 24 blocks tall in the artwork), which would make it the tallest boss or mob in the game.



The Tempest Golem never moves from where it spawned, always remaining immobile similar to the Corrupted Cauldron. It has 4 different attacks. Chilling, Satchel of the Elements, and other freezing abilities do not affect the Tempest Golem's attack speed (However, it does work on the other DLC bosses). The Tempest Golem will not be vulnerable to damage unless the two pillars nearby are deactivated.

The Tempest Golem's melee, shield, and lightning attacks can knock away other mobs, but not damage them.

Sword attack

If a hero goes to either side of the Tempest Golem, it smashes the ground with one of its sword arms, creating a small shockwave around it and deal some or a bit of damage to the hero.

Shield attack

If a hero goes in front of the Tempest Golem's body, it quickly opens its two shield panels, dealing little damage and knocking them away. It then closes them shortly after.

Electric tornado

Occasionally, the Tempest Golem summons a lightning bolt to attack a hero. This is signified by a blue square on the ground which follows them for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, lightning strikes down on that square, dealing heavy damage.

Squall golem activation

After the Tempest Golem is stunned and gets back up, or when it is initially activated, 2 squall golems from the back of the arena activate and attack the hero. There are 8 squall golems total in the back.


Power Min health Power level
1 768 Default 1
4 1305 Default 2
10 2073 Default 3
16 3148 Default 4
22 4224 Default 5
27 5683 Default 6
33 7603 Default 7 and Adventure 1
39 9830 Adventure 2
45 12595 Adventure 3
51 16204 Adventure 4
56 21964 Adventure 5
62 29798 Adventure 6
68 40243 Adventure 7 and Apocalypse 1
74 51686 Apocalypse 2
80 66355 Apocalypse 3
86 85171 Apocalypse 4
91 115968 Apocalypse 5
97 157363 Apocalypse 6
103 213196 Apocalypse 7



Tempest golem theme
Tempest golem theme end

Tempest golem[]

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The tempest golem is the only DLC boss to have 2 types of ambush sound effects. It is also the only boss that doesn't create the ambush sound effect on its own mission.

Deactivate arm
Deactivate arm react
Deactivate shield
Deactivate shield react
Reactivate arm
Reactivate react
Reactivate shield
Shield attack
Ranged attack
Ranged attack impact


Melee gear
Ranged gear


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Howling Peaks announced during Minecraft Live 2020, with the release date set to be in December 9 2020. model, textures and sound files for the Tempest Golem into the game, currently unused. Also added model information for a "Tempest Crystal." Golem.pngAdded the tempest golem. Tempest Golem is now immune to damage unless stunned.
Reduced time it takes for the electric tornado attack to activate from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.


  • In the poster art, The Tempest Golem has a slightly different appearance. It is lighter and shinier, and has smaller pink pupils, a more bluish body, and shorter eyebrows.
  • In the Howling Peaks gameplay section of Minecraft Live, in the ambush section, the Tempest Golem has a slightly different ambush roar than what it currently has.