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Target Dummy
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A target dummy is an inanimate mob in Minecraft Dungeons that spawns near the house in the camp.


A target dummy is a dummy made of hay bales in the shape of a zombie. It appears to be wearing the torn up clothes of a husk. There used to be two dummies with one of which surrounded by a small trench which was meant to be used for ranged attacks but was removed.



A target dummy has no behavior. It can be used by the hero to test their weapons and artifacts, however summons don't attack it unless a weapon with pet targeting is used. It would take damage, but cannot react since it is an inanimate object.


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Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaTarget Dummy.pngAdded target dummies.

Data Values[]

  • In the game files, the target dummy is referred to internally as the TargetDummy and the Dummy.
  • In the game files, target dummies are referred to internally as being listed among the Enemies.


  • In a Twitter video, three heroes, alongside a baby chicken, are seen practicing their items and attacks out on the target dummy in the camp.[1]
  • Target dummies can be hooked with fishing rods.[2]
  • Target dummies are clothed with similar clothes to that of a husk with a body and head of hay bale.


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