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Powerful Powerful

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Melee weapon



The last attack in a combo performs a swirling attack, damaging nearby enemies.

In-game description

Swirling is a powerful enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that will perform an extra attack at the end of a combo, dealing boosted damage. The damage dealt out by this extra attack increases with each tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I x0.6 weapon damage 2 Enchantment Points
II x0.9 weapon damage 3 Enchantment Points
III x1.2 weapon damage 4 Enchantment Points

Items naturally with this enchantment[edit]


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaT Swirling Icon.png Added Swirling. now requires that a mob is hit with the attack for it to trigger.
Decreased damage by 5.