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Summons are mobs that are summoned by specific artifacts. They will fight to protect the Player by attacking Hostile Mobs. They can be healed by a Totem of Regeneration, Soul Healer, Totem of Soul Protection, the Radiance or Altruistic enchantments and by health potions (while wearing Wolf Armor, Fox Armor, Beenest Armor, Beehive Armor or Hero's Armor). They can be re-summoned after they die after a certain cooldown period. Some summoned mob will die after a certain time of being alive no matter what health they are at. Certain enchantments can also summon mobs like Tumblebee or Busy Bee. Summoned mobs are affected by any auras that the player has.

Summonable mobs include:

In the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade spin-off, there are various exclusive pets obtainable through collecting certain cards. They include:



Arcade-Exclusive Mobs[edit]

Summoning Artifacts[edit]