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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC. 
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The specific instructions are: inactive squall golem and attack pose.
Squall Golem
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A squall golem is a hostile mob found in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks that activates when wind is directed to a resonance crystal. Squall golems are the ancient and mysterious guardians of the Gale Sanctum.[1]

  • A tweet on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account refers to squall Golems as the “ancient and mysterious guardians of the Gale Sanctum.”[2]


A squall golem is a hostile golem-like mob composed of stone, gold, and an unknown jade-colored block found on its back, with two swirl patterns on the back. Its head is wide and its upper forehead is composed of gold, with a gold stud on the middle of its head. Its body possesses intricate lines and patterns, as well as two gold lines on its side. Its legs are grey with golden knees, and its hands gold with extra gold behind its hands, possibly to maintain balance. On its golden back are two grey poles with each having 4 jade-colored banners.


Squall golems do not spawn during Ancient Hunts. They also cannot spawn with enchantments, although they can be enchanted by enchanters.


A squall golem is not hostile at first; it sits on the ground passively. However, if a wind is directed toward one via a nearby resonance crystal, the squall golem activates and then charges towards the hero with quick melee attacks, which causes a shockwave that knocks the hero back and deals heavy damage. When inactive, it cannot be attacked. Squall golems always drop a random consumable when killed.

Squall golems cannot be stunned by normal attacks, except Shock Powder and any weapon with the Stunning enchantment.

Squall golems are unable to pick up key golems.


The squall golem has 1050 HP in the code. On Default I, all mobs have 9.6% health and 12% damage of what is set in the code.


Power Off
Power On
Walk (Step Left)
Walk (Step Right)
Wind (Fast)
Wind (Filler)
Wind (Slow)
Wind (Start/Stop)


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020The Squall Golem is seen on the official poster for Howling Peaks, but it was not mentioned by any of the developers and is currently unnamed.
October 19, 2020More info about the squall golem, as well as its official name, is revealed in an episode of Minecraft Dungeons Diaries. textures and sound files for the squall golem into the game, currently unused. Golem.png Added the squall golem.


  • The small pedestals that a squall golem spawns on when inactive has the Tempest Golem's head visible on it. This can be seen when the squall golem activates and moves away from the pedestal.


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