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Soul Speed
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When you gather a soul, you gain a 1% stacking movement speed boost for a short time.

In-game description

Soul Speed is a common armor enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that provides a small speed boost when the player gathers souls from mobs. The buff duration is increased with each tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I 3 seconds duration 1 Enchantment Point
II 5 seconds duration 2 Enchantment Points
III 7 seconds duration 3 Enchantment Points


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaSoul Speed.png Added Soul Speed. stack reduced from 100 to 5.
Increased speed bonus from 1% to 5%.
Increased duration from 2,3,4, to 3,5,7 seconds.
Removed soul-amount multiplier for the speed bonus on collected soul.


  • When activated, the effect icon reads "Spirit Speed" instead of "Soul Speed".