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Not to be confused with Soul Lantern.
Soul Lantern
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This lantern, still covered in the sands of a far-flung place, allows those who hold it to summon a creature formed from bound souls.

In-game description

The Soul Lantern is an artifact found in Minecraft Dungeons that can be used to summon a Soul Entity that aids the player in defeating mobs.


Listed difficulties are considered to be the minimum difficulty the item is obtainable on unless stated otherwise.


The soul lantern, when used, will instantly summon a Soul Entity, a creature made from bound souls, which follows the player and attacks mobs.


  • 5 seconds cooldown
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Requires Souls


Power Damage
43 118 summon damage

Soul Entity[]

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Soul Entity
Soul Wizard.png

Passive (heroes & passive mobs)
Hostile (enemies)

The Soul Entity is a mob that can be summoned with the Soul Lantern, found only in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Soul Entity is a rather small ghost mob about the size of a Vex or possibly smaller. Its body is covered in purple tattered clothing and wears a hat that resembles the upper part of a lantern. Its hands and face are only visible, with its hands and eyes seen glowing bright blue. On its waist is a red ribbon binding its clothing together. The name entity comes from the Homecoming achievements name for the mob.[1]


The Soul Entity can be summoned using the Soul Lantern which requires souls and will disappear a few seconds later.


Upon being summoned, the Soul Entity will follow the player and attack mobs that startle it. When the Soul Entity is defeated, it will disappear with a shattering sound heard. Similar to the Bees, the Soul Entity has a limited survival time and will automatically disappear after a while, and the player needs to use the Soul Lantern to summon again.

Basic attack

They attack by shooting soul bolts at mobs.


Pick up


Minecraft Dungeons Lantern artifact.jpeg Added the Soul Lantern. damage by 50%.
Increased attack speed by 40%.
Increased soul cost by 20%.

Data value[]

In the game files, the Soul Entity is referred to as the Soul Wizard.


  • The Soul Entity is the only summonable mob that isn't based on any default mob found in the base game, making it unique to Minecraft Dungeons.


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  1. [1]|During Ancient Hunts, bring a wolf, a bat and a soul entity to visit familiar locations.