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The hero's soul meter, which is located in the bottom left side of their utility bar.

SOULS – Counts how many defeated souls you've managed to collect. These can be used to charge powerful Artifacts.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The term soul refers to a consumable resource in Minecraft Dungeons. They are obtained by killing mobs and can be used as a power source for artifacts that require them.

Souls are only collected while an artifact is equipped that can use them, but some armor, enchantments and weapons will increase the amount of souls you get from killing a single mob. No souls are collected if the hero kills mobs with an artifact that uses souls.

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These enhancements utilize souls in weapons; both melee and ranged, to heal, make their weapons more effective at defeating mobs based on the amount of souls one has collected, increase speed when soul collecting, increase the amount one can carry, or simply collect more souls.

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