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The Soggy Swamp is the fourth location in Minecraft Dungeons. Upon loading, there is a secret generated that, if found, grants access to the Soggy Cave. It is not necessary to complete the Soggy Swamp to finish the main story. It is unlocked after completing the Creeper Woods.


The Soggy Swamp is large swamp based on the Swamp biome. Captured here is the Gift Wrapper. The swamp's terrain is uneven and waterlogged, making it hard to navigate. It contains many islands and ruins surrounded by a vicious, poisonous substance. Many Witch Huts are dotted throughout the mission. The area is surrounded by a dense fog and vile green water. There are plenty of potion ingredients such as mushrooms lying around. An obsidian chest can sometimes be found in this level, which is commonly located at the ruins before the boss battle. A Piggy Bank spawns in the cave section in this location near a powerful mob.


A PERILOUS POTION – The witches of Soggy Swamp have polluted the land with their wicked brews. We can't let their potions fall into the hands of the Arch-Illager, who would surely use that power for no good.

In-game story


A coven of wicked witches live at the heart of the sinister swamp. They conjure up all manners of brews to empower the Arch-Illager and his ever-growing army. If you don't find and defeat those witches, the Illagers will be unstoppable. But tread carefully, the swamp is home to many horrors.


The Arch-Illager's potion supply is no more, and it'll be a long time before the witches recover from this blow. Well done!



Soggy Swamp is the home to the cruel witches and green slimes. The witches provide the Illagers with greater power by concocting witch brews to help control the evil Illagers so that they are better in following the orders of the Arch-Illager. These Witches' brews sit simmering in large cauldrons at the heart of the swamp.

After defeating the witches’ brews, the Arch-Illager summons the first boss mob in his attempt to stop the hero: the Corrupted Cauldron. At last, the hero successfully defeated the Corrupted Cauldron.


A perilous potion

  1. Find the brews
  2. Destroy the brews (5)
  3. Find the cauldron
  4. Smash the cauldron
  5. Escape the swamp



Mob Difficulty
Arcade Ancient Hunt Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piggy Bank No No Yes Yes Yes
Firefly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gift Wrapper No No Yes Yes Yes
Baby Zombie Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Jockey No No Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Chicken Jockey Tower No No Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Creeper Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Geomancer Yes[note 2] No No No No
Husk No No Ambush[note 3] Ambush[note 3] Ambush[note 3]
Pillager Yes No No No No
Pink Slime No No Summoned[note 4] Summoned[note 4] Summoned[note 4]
Royal Guard Yes No No No No
Skeleton No No Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes[note 5] No Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5] Sometimes[note 5]
Vex Summoned[note 6] No No No Summoned[note 6]
Vindicator Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Watchling No No Summoned, DLC[note 7] Summoned, DLC[note 7] Summoned, DLC[note 7]
Witch Yes[note 8] No Yes[note 8] Yes[note 8] Yes[note 8]
Zombie Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Enderman No No Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Endersent No No DLC[note 9] DLC[note 9] DLC[note 9]
Evoker No No No No Sometimes[note 10]
Raid Captain No No Yes[note 11] Yes[note 11] Yes[note 11]
Redstone Golem No No No No Sometimes
Skeleton Horseman No No No Sometimes Sometimes
Corrupted Cauldron No No Yes Yes Yes
Evoker Yes[note 10] No No No No
Blight Eye No No DLC DLC DLC
Oozing Menace No Yes No No No
  1. a b c d e f Spawns during ambushes with a chicken as it’s mount
  2. Summons geomancer bombs and geomancer walls
  3. a b c Spawns during ambushes
  4. a b c Summoned by the corrupted cauldron
  5. a b c d Shoots spider webs
  6. a b Summoned by evokers
  7. a b c Summoned by endersent and the Blight Eye
  8. a b c d Shoots witch poison
  9. a b c Spawns during play throughs after the Blight Eye is defeated.
  10. a b Summons evoker fangs
  11. a b c Spawns only if the mission have already been completed once.


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Evocation Robe Yes Yes Yes
Mercenary Armor Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Mystery Armor No Yes Yes
Fishing Rod Yes Yes Yes
Harvester Yes Yes Yes
Lightning Rod No Yes Yes
Soul Healer Yes Yes Yes
Totem of Regeneration Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Daggers Yes Yes Yes
Double Axe No No Yes
Glaive Yes Yes Yes
Soul Knife No Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Hunting Bow Yes Yes Yes
Scatter Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
This article is about the one-pixel ambience mob in Minecraft Dungeons. For the upcoming arthropod mob for The Wild Update, see Firefly.


A firefly is a ambience mob seen flying near light.


Fireflies are small flying bugs. They glow and are only one pixel big, making then the smallest mob in the game.



The firefly's behavior mostly consists of it just flying around near light since they were only made to improve the atmosphere of the mission similar to mobs such as starfishes and vultures.


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The Plot Thickens
Complete Pumpkin Pastures and Soggy Swamp.20GSilver


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaFireflyDungeonsAdded fireflies
August 20, 2020Using tools to get out of bounds, the hero can find text saying "HI ADRIAN!", added by one of the mission designers after Adrian Toncean asked for leaves for debugging purposes.[1]