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Soggy Cave
Soggy Cave.png

The Soggy Cave is a secret location in Minecraft Dungeons. It can be unlocked by finding it in Soggy Swamp.


The Soggy Cave is a small cave located under the Soggy Swamp consisting of an outdoor area along with a small indoor area that has five doors and three rooms. Two of the three rooms have arena battles and a puzzle and lead to the two other doors. The final room contains an Obsidian Chest. It is a ruin under the Soggy Swamp.


THE LOST RUINS – There are plenty of treasures hidden in the swamp's caves. Claim them before the Arch-Illager can!

In-game story

The mysterious cave is full of doorways, each of which leads to a different area of the swamp. The doorways need to be entered in the correct order to visit each area because they are all connected by a confusing series of gateways. In some areas, the hero needs to complete arena battles before progressing, while others pose button puzzles to solve before gaining valuable rewards.


Main article: MCD:Objective


The redstone combination puzzle in the level has 4 or 2 buttons, and the goal is to transmit the redstone line from the left across the 5 blocks attached to pistons to the right. Doing so unlocks the rest of the level. And you can easily solve it using The Minecraft Dungeons Puzzle Solver.


Here is a step-by-step guide to unlock the soggy cave secret level. Step: 1 Go to Soggy Swamp and explore every block of the map until you find the entrance to the cave. Step: 2 After entering the secret area explore until you find the entrance to the secondary level. Step: 3 Search for a beacon somewhere in the area. After activating the beacon a small ambush will summon, Upon defeating the ambush the Soggy Cave scroll will appear. Step: 4 You can now leave or finish the level. The next time you open the world map the Soggy Cave mission will be unlocked!

Mobs and entities[]


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Firefly Yes Yes Yes
Armored Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Armored Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Armored Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Baby Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Witch Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1] Yes[note 1]
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c Throws witch poison


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Beenest Armor Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Evocation Robe Yes Yes Yes
Phantom Armor No Yes Yes
Buzzy Nest Yes Yes Yes
Fishing Rod Yes Yes Yes
Lightning Rod No Yes Yes
Soul Healer Yes Yes Yes
Totem of Regeneration Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Cutlass Yes Yes Yes
Daggers Yes Yes Yes
Double Axe No No Yes
Gauntlets No Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Hunting Bow Yes Yes Yes