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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 


A snareling is a hostile mob found in the Echoing Void DLC. It behaves similar to the spider.


A snareling is a tall mob that resembles the normal enderman in body shape but instead of purple, it possesses very light-yellow eyes with a glow effect that position a bit upwards on its face. On its chest is what appears to be a glowing open hole and on its back is a large cube-like core which is used to store and launch sticky goo at it’s target. It also possesses long sickle-like arms that it uses to slash at snared prey and are longer than its small legs.



Snarelings behave like an End counterpart to spiders. While snarelings have the lowest health of the three enderlings, they can be considered the most dangerous since their attack does repeated damage.


Like other enderlings, they teleport away if the hero comes too close and does not have the slowness effect. Snarelings have three behaviors:


A snareling can spit a giant splat of Snareling Goop at a hero. If they are hit by it, they are stuck in place for a few seconds, similarly to a cobweb, and also given a slowness effect.

Melee attack

If the hero is trapped in snareling goop, all nearby snarelings will teleport next to them and start hitting them repeatedly with their arms.

Snareling Goop[]

Snareling Goop
Snareling Goop.png

The snareling goop is a non-attackable entity and the cobweb-like material snarelings spit out that leaves heroes temporarily slowed and trapped.

The Swarm[]

The arena where The Swarm is summoned and battled at.

Ancient Hunts.png The Swarm is the ancient variant of a snareling that is encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of:

The ancient resides within a End Wilds-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

16 Enchanted endermites act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantment:

Upon defeating The Swarm, a gilded variant of the following items will drop as a reward:


Idle Swing
Melee Attack
Melee Vocal
Ranged Attack
Ranged Attack Impact
Ranged Vocal
Ranged Projectile


Minecraft Dungeons
July 12, 2021Two snarelings are revealed in the official artwork of the Echoing Void logo. Were previously unnamed and referred to as green-eyed enderlings.[1]
July 18, 2021A few snarelings are seen attacking the hero in some in-game images, with one of them defeated.
July 23, 2021Many snarelings are seen in-game attacking the hero in the Dev Diaries for Echoing Void.
July 25, 2021The official name is revealed to the snareling.[2] snarelings.


  • On a Twitter post featuring a close up of a snareling, Laura De Llorens, one of the developers, states that the snareling in the Echoing Void DLC is her favorite mob in the game.[3]
  • Snarelings are seen to have a Novelty animation where they stand on their long arms and swing their short legs back and forth.
  • The lime-eyes are most likely a reference to the original design of the enderman, in which it possessed lime-eyes, rather than purple
  • The internal name of the snareling’s projectile is the SnarelingWebProjectile.
  • The internal name of the Snareling’s projectile after it lands is the SnarelingGoop.
  • Snareling's Melee Vocal Sound is Similar to the Endersent Death Sound.
  • The Idle Sounds of Snareling's are similar to the Spider.