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Skeleton vanguard
Skeleton Vanguard.png
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Natural equipment

SKELETON VANGUARD – These armored skeletons are the Nameless One's personal guard. Their shields will absorb your first attack, while they slash you with their blades. Persevere with a bow to finish them off without getting too close.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

A skeleton vanguard is an undead hostile skeleton variant that can be found within the various missions of Minecraft Dungeons.


Skeleton vanguards are seen wearing vanguard armor, a leather belt around its waist, and an iron helmet with a brown stripe wrapped around it near the base which is thought to tie the gold stun on the helmet.



Skeleton vanguards have two behaviors.


Skeleton vanguards immediately chase after the hero once seen or alerted by another mob.


Skeleton vanguards stab the target with its glaive (which make skeleton vanguards melee attackers) when close enough. The shield serves as extra health as it absorbs the first attack. Skeleton vanguards have a longer attack reach than most other mobs, meaning that they can hit targets from farther away. The long attack reach also allows them to take down targets more easily, such as wolves.

Vanguard armor[]

Vanguard armor
Vanguard Armor.png

Filter armour default.png Armor


Common Common Rare Rare

Vanguard armor is an armor set that is exclusively equipped by skeleton vanguards within the various missions of Minecraft Dungeons.


The chest plate covers half of the rib cage, extending to the back and around the arms.

Desert shield[]

Desert shield
Desert Shield.png

Filter armour default.png Armor


Common Common Rare Rare

A desert shield is a shield that is exclusively equipped by skeleton vanguards within the various missions of Minecraft Dungeons.


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Desert shields deflect all ranged attacks, unlike tower guards shields.


Power Min health
1 13.2
4 22.44
10 35.64
16 54.12
22 72.6
27 97.68
33 130.68
39 168.96
45 216.48
51 278.52
56 377.52
62 512.16
68 691.68
74 888.36
80 1140.48
86 1463.88
91 1993.2
97 2704.68
103 3664.32

Cursed presence[]

The arena where the Cursed Presence is summoned and fought.

The cursed presence is an ancient skeleton vanguard that can be encountered during ancient hunts with the minimum offering of the following runes:

The ancient resides within a Lower Temple-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

Fifteen enchanted baby zombies act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the cursed presence, a gilded variant of the following items drops as a reward:


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Data values[]

  • In the game files, vanguard armor is referred to internally by the name DesertArmor.
  • In the game files, desert shields are referred to internally by the name desertShield.


Minecraft Dungeons
June 14, 2019An army of skeleton vanguards led by a skeleton horseman, are marching towards the Nameless One.[1]
Dungeons BetaSkeleton Vanguard.pngAdded skeleton vanguards. the cursed presence. appears within the Overgrown Temple and the Panda Plateau. longer appears within the Lone Fortress.


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