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Secret Locations are hidden levels that can be unlocked by obtaining maps that are usually found in level secrets. There currently are 6 Mainland secret levels, 7 DLC ones, and 4 Ancient Hunt exclusive ones. They include:


Ancient Hunt Exclusive[]

Secret levels do not show up on the minimap until the level the secret level is unlocked from is cleared excluding ??? which only show up on the map when its scroll is collected. They possess no value to the main story and therefore are not needed to unlock other levels.

Most of the secret levels are unlocked by finding scrolls in secret areas in the main levels. All levels have a 100% chance for the scroll to generate, with the exception of the Panda Plateau (from Dingy Jungle) (Jungle Awakens DLC), Lost Settlement (from Frosted Fjord) (Creeping Winter DLC), Colossal Rampart (from Windswept Peaks) (Howling Peaks DLC) and the Radiant Ravine (from Coral Rise) (Hidden Depths DLC), which have a chance of the secret area generating.

The ??? level is unlocked differently. After entering the church area at camp (which can be accessed after completing Obsidian Pinnacle on default), players can access the rune rooms in each main non-DLC level. After obtaining all the runes found in each rune room and placing them at the church area at camp, a room is revealed where the "???" can be unlocked along with 2 obsidian chests.

There are also a set of special locations that can only be found during Ancient Hunts. These levels cannot be unlocked by any means, unless hacks are used.